Which LG for RICOHJPND00 DL?

Hi there!

I just got 40 DVD+R DL from Ricoh for a “good” price. The media-code of the media is RICOHJPN-D00-01.
Now when I burn these discs with my NEC 4551 I get very poor results :frowning: When I make Scandisc with Nero it says that the discs have some bad sectors. I also recognise these failures when I watch the DVD… on my PC and my DVD-Player :frowning: I burn my DVDs with CloneDVD and not with Nero because I read that Nero is not good burning Dual-Layer discs… I am trying DVD-Decrypter now as I write this post. maybe it will work better.
I have read that the LG burners could burn those Ricoh DL medias very good. Is that true?
So I looked around in this forum to find out which LG is the newest one. I thought the H10N is the newest, but whats with the H20 and H22?

Could someone give me a hint, which LG is the newest one and which would be perfect for my Ricoh DL?


The main issue with RICOHPN D00 is this: are they real or are they fake? Are your discs a well-known brand like Fujifilm/TDK/Imation made in Taiwan [the real thing], or are they something like Playo made in China [fake]?

If the discs are fake, you have little hope, regardless of which burner you choose.

If they are real, you could try the H22N. It appears to burn all 2.4x media at 4x, and indeed, it does produce good results with DL media, even with lower-grade Ritek DL media.

Thx for your answer agent009!

Well, I do not know if they are “real” Ricohs… The discs are printable, so the disc surface is just white… the shop I got it from said that the manufacturer is Ricoh. Don’t know if its true…

Is the H22N newer than the H10N? (Should be with a higher number, shouldn’t it :bigsmile: )


That’s right, bigger numbers are usually better…

H22N is newer, faster, better [that’s my opinion] than H10N. Go for it!

Not really true. The H12N and H22N are equal in terms of how recently they have been released. The H22N isn’t better than the H12N, both are from different chipset lines but are equivalent models. Why LG has two competing lines is something only LG knows.

If you follow the theory that bigger number=better model, then you should just go buy the GDR-8163, which is a an old DVD-ROM drive, or the H30N, which is a SATA writer :wink:

Btw, the H10N can actually be cross flashed to a H12N because it has essentially the same hardware…

The GSA-4163B was known to handle these discs nicely. Also a report just last week of a user who had them work on his GSA-4167B. However, those models are old ones. The same user complained that he could not burn these discs on his GSA-H22N/L (I forget which exactly).

The H22N uses a different chipset (Renesas) range from the 4163/7 series (Panasonic). I’m not sure if that is the determining factor in whether the drive can handle those discs. The latest Renesas chipset model is the H12N but I do not know if that drive can handle those discs.

i think it’s the other way around…

I thought so as well :bigsmile:

Well, thx guys, but now I do not know which one to buy :slight_smile:
So you say that the H12N should have the newest chipset-hardware, right?
Damn Ricoh discs! the 4gig ones worked perfectly. And the 2 DualLayer ones I tried too. Now I have 40 of these and none is working 100% with my nec. :a


You’re absolutely right. Making lots of mistakes lately as my head hasn’t been that clear the past few weeks. Major project at work (just ended, thankfully) + having to do all the housework + migraines.

Newest Renesas chipset hardware. With LG, there is no “latest model” or “newest chipset”. As I mentioned, they have two lines of writers using two different chipsets. Neither line is newer or better. It’s just that for what you want, you may stand a better chance of burning those Ricoh discs with the Renesas line of writers. We won’t know for sure though, until you can get someone who has actually tried those Ricoh discs on that writer to tell you if they work properly together.

Oh, and strictly speaking, the H12N is not the latest Renesas chipset writer from LG anymore. That honour now goes to the H42N. LG is like that - they’ve been releaseing new models at every turn. Absolutely bonkers.