Which lcd is best?

i want to buy a new lcd but i am confused…
here are available options

  1. philips 19 inch
  2. viewsonic 19 inch
  3. hp 19 inch

i dunt have much specs but hp 19 inch is like 45% expensive then other two lcds…so any body can tell me which one should i buy ? and also performance
of these lcds.
thanks in advance

I would pick the Viewsonic one. Eventhough based only on brand and size I cannot tell what it might be capable of, still I belive HP would not worth it if it costs 45%more and as far as I know /based on Philips LCDs I’veseen so far/ they usually not as good as Viewsonic. It would be good to know some more about them though /like some kind of serie number or something like that/.

thanks for ur suggestion… actually when i was checking prices from market
every one said hp is very rare available and aslo its expensive thing.
it is interesting to know that some dealers claim that view sonic is best lcd in world.
they said there not much to choose b/w samsung,acer and view sonic but view sonic interms of price and resolution is little better. so i am thinking to buy viewsonic…
any one has to say something???

Can you not get a FujitsuSiemens /they always good but have a look at one before u buy it can be blury at the corners a bit, but from the saem serie a different one will not be, it’s not a serie problem/? Or a Hyundai ImageQuest /like a L90D+, I have that and it’s good/? Hyundai should be a cheap one but Fujitsu is expensive /also good/.

With ViewSonic if you go above 19" /just in case you want a bigger one laterish/ you have to be carefull, they give pixaleted picture afte 20" /I’ve seen that in person in a shop/.

Yes HP is rare /never saw one in person but their support is awful so I didn’t preorder one just to see it/ also expensive one /always, never cheap, not even if it’s not and LCd screen, if it’s HP then expensive/.

Dell UltraSharp was my favorite until the new FP-07 models but the NEC’s and ViewSonic’s look good too from the recent ones I have seen.

I’ve always bought Samsung, but I haven’t bought a monitor in several years. Mine are still working like new.

I’d get an Philips. I always had Philips LCD Monitors and I never had any problems.
My oldest Philips (its a 170P 17" LCD) is over 6 years old and like new… since my good experience with Philips I got an 180P2 (18") and two 200P6IG (20.1"). All great devices, no problems!

The second band I’d buy would be Samsung.

well some one said to me that life of lcds are 5 -7 years…
people says that result of lcd becomes same as of mointors after 8 years
about mointors it is said that thier life can be of 20 years…

so any one has to commit on above views ???

I have a 19" and a 22" Samsung love them.

I had a 17" Samsung but sold it for $100 usd. I had it for 3 years.

Yes these are all LCD monitors.

As [B]rolling[/B] said, Samsung. :iagree:
I also have 3 of them.


Let’s keep the ball rolling.

Yup. :iagree: :iagree:

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