Which KProbe scan reflects realitiy?

I erroneously scanned a Philips DVD+R 4x with speed set to max and got the result as shown in the attachment. (BTW, the current speed slowly crawled from 2,8x till 6,0 at the end.)

I then rescanned with the recommended speed of 4x, and got a complete different result as can also been seen from the attachment (and which is in compliance with KProbe 1.1.29).

Can anybody explain why these results are so different? And which result reflects reality?

Many thanks


4x would be more accurate. it doesnt always get better by slowing down the speed on a bad burn. also what drive are you scanning with ive seen bad liteons before give erronous scans…ive rma’ed many of 812s myself before i got a good one.

I’ve scanned with the same LiteOn 811 I’ve burned with. For me the results are much too different to ignore them.


Scanning speed, and varying results

Hi rdgrimes,

Thanks for the link. You wrote:

“A number of people have noted specifically poor scan results at 4x read speed, and sometimes lower rates at full speed. (8xCAV). this phenomenon is due to several things which I will not go into here, but what is important is that this does not occur on well-written high quality media.”

Consequently I either have no high quality media (Phlips is well reputated afaik) or it’s a bad burn. As this result shows up in all burns I examined so far I would have to concluse that my 811 is a bad drive, wouldn`t I? Or at least bad with this media?

I’ve already ordered new media (Fuji DVD+R 4x). Would you recommend to go back from HS0P to HS0K?

With many of the “Average” media brands, (Phillips is one), compatability with different burners will vary. It takes the right combination of drive and media to make a good disc, so it’s not just a question of crappy media or crappy drive. Even TY media can have issues in some drives. For the LiteOn, Ricoh DVD+R seems to be a good bet for average priced media. Fuji +R should be Ricoh.

well sounds like you have crappy media then as the errors shouldnt vary that much.