Which is your favorite DW1640, DW1650, DW1670?



Which one of these drives is your favorite drive? Overal for burn and scan quality?


Why not 1620?

As a scanning drive, much better than 165* IMO. Writing quality is about equal on most media. 1670 cannot scan.



Yeah, I forgot to include the DW1620, sorry. It is a good drive too!


Chas0039, what has the 1655 that the 1640 don’t have?


Hi :slight_smile:
For BenQ purists the 1670 does not qualify.
The 1620 was good. For those into swapping strats it was at least as good as the 1640. The 1640 with SB did it pretty much for you along with OS. The “failing” if you like with these two was with 16x media @ 16x. The 1650/1655 made inroads here.So If your using 16x media then the 1650/`655. For anything/everything else pick anyone you can get your hands on. :iagree: :bigsmile:


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I second all that. :iagree:

  • IMO, better stick with BSLB for the 1640 and BCDC for the 1650. For peace-of-mind.

@[B]TL0[/B]: I have no particular issues with 1650 scanning… :confused: (unless you refer to the annoying speed drops during high-speed scanning of course :a )


Apart from speed drops at most speeds, also some anomalies reported by DrageMester which his 1620 didn’t fail with.


Aaaah, now I remember, the fact that it doesn’t report POFs despite unreadable sectors, right? Forgot this one. :o - personally I don’t mind because I don’t trust scans for actual readability, I TRT everything (as you already know ;)).


1640, 1655. :smiley:
They are both great burners at 8X/12X. I can’t find a equal opponent at that speed. In addition, their media compatibility is huge. You are hard to burn UME001/NANYARJB/NANYACHX/SKC/LONGTEN001/OPTODISCR004 etc with other burners to get average quality. BenQ eats them with ease!

Though, I still use TY/Mitsubishi/Verbatim for my personal stuff.
I am under consideration to get a 164B to be a backup. :bigsmile:


For me the 1650/1655 is the best. The newest media is all 16x stuff and thats all i use really now. I like the T02 and TYG02 but i have only 1spindel left of each and after that i dont think i will be able to get any stock of the 8x stuff. So burning with my 1640<crossflashed>EW164B is not generally as good as the 1650, although its faster due to the UDMA4. but when burning the 8x or @8x then i go with the 1640/164B.:bigsmile::bigsmile: