Which is this very detailed video file properties program?

Hey guys.

This picture was on ChickenMan’s How to convert your DivX/AVI to DVD±R Tutorial and I wanted to know how what it’s name is, so that I can get it…

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That’s Windows Explorer. Right click your video file, hit Properties, then Summary (Advanced view). This is in Windows XP.

I know, but windows XP by itself doesn’t show all those details. I want to know which program makes it so that all those specifit details are displayed on the properties tag of the video file…

Hope someone can point it out to me :slight_smile:



Its as per Kerry56’s answer, its just from Exploreres Properties of the file. However, it may have been from Windows 2000 rather than XP. Just comparing the above with current XP SP2 properties window, in XP the Audio is missing Sample Rate & Channels but includes lenght in time. In Video its missing length in time (now in Audio) and number of frames.

So I’d suspect its either what you got with Win XP original issue or Win 2000. Later upgrades are not always “better” :slight_smile:

Reminds me a bit of what I get with Audio when I use dbPowerAmp


Okkkkk its because I got the windows XP SP1 and didn’t upgrade to SP2… For thinking that upgrades only slowed the computer down the other time I tried them.

SP2 is a good idea rather than for just the video properties I wanted to see? (I got another cd with SP2 right out of the instal, but dunno if its a good idea yet…)

Is there any video properties program which I could use to get all these details about the video file?

Thanks guys, for any help, the comments have already been VERY enlightening!! :smiley:


Yes, best is to use GSPOT , grab the 2.52 B1 from http://www.headbands.com/gspot/gspot252dl.html

Thanks! :))