Which is the newest firmware of 3500A?

Is 2.17 or 2.07?

My player had version 2.16 when I bought it.

The 2.17, cdrinfo has already the official version :slight_smile: , NEC will make it available soon for downloading too.
There are rumors that 2.18 is about to come also offering better compatibility.

AFAIK, TDK’s 2.C8 has the latest writing strategy

What is the different between 2.17 & 2.07 or 2.16 & 2.06? Which is the official version?


All of your mentioned ones are official.

As far as newest, I would suggest (and I am using too) the TDK 2.C8 SE version. Modified version of TDK’s 2.C8 with riplock, RPC1 and 4x Ritek DL support enabled… Oh yeah… auto bitsetting… Plus, as mentioned above, newest write strategies to date.

Some people dispute that the 2.17 is official NEC. As yet, it is not at the EU website.