Which is the most preferred media CMC or Ritek

Which is the most preferred media CMC or Ritek
I have been looking at the sales figures for the most popular manufacturers for January-March this year

[B]Company	     USD Sales Revenue	   Net Profit[/B]
CMC	     187,026,839          -6,102,839
Ritek	     139,349,419          -15,156,226
Prodisc	     63,154,000	          -46,257,226
Princo	     62,677,000	          -26,115,226
Optodisc     27,167,645	          -14,748,774
Leaddata     24,607,548	          -5,379,161
Gigastorage  11,808,290	          -5,395,032

From these figures it looks that CMC have the lead in sales by about 48mil USD but will this trend continue looking at these figures they all made a Net loss during this quarter and we can expect an overhaul price increase in the near future.
Any comments?

If the general public can be swayed to primarily purchase 16x and DVD+R DL media then these companies will definitely make a profit…
The cost for these media types can be kept at a premium since 3rd tier and below manufacturers are unable to produce these in large volumes yet (if at all).

CMC and Prodisc media have been very good lately, quality-wise. They are now sold under Philips, TDK and Fujifilm brands in the US. These two companies also manufacture most of the Verbatim-branded (MCC) media sold here. Given a choice, I will still take Taiyo Yuden TDK and Fujifilm discs first (old habits), but I have no (rational) reasons to avoid CMC and Prodisc.

But what will stop them from slapping a 16x rating on some slightly improved, but still vastly inferior media?

It won’t be long before Fry’s sells their shady 16x GQ discs for $4.75 a 25-pack. :Z

:sad: :sad:

Where is Moser Baer?

I thought they should be large enough to fit on the list…

I think MBIL is missing because it’s not taiwanese.

Those are some scary figures, I was wondering why the 8x production is being scaled back so quickly.


CMC certainly seems to be doing well. I predict that they will make a profit in q2. They are the first to mass market with 16x. if you have a look at some of the best selling 16x discs they are produced by cmc.

Philips 16x
verbatim 16x
Datawrite Titanium 16x.