Which is the most oveclockable LiteOn CD Writer?



hello, guys.Let's share yr experience here...


I guess that would be the 32x writer


Specifically, the 32125W. As of date, it has been overclocked to the 48125W (48-12-48. Slightly disproportionate figures, but acceptable :stuck_out_tongue: ). VS02 is the firmware that gives the best results so far, at least in my experience.

The 32125S doesn’t seem to be overclockable, though a recent post was talking about the possibility of it being the same as the 40125S. If that is true, then it should be overclockable to the 48125W. Don’t bet on the 32125S being OC’able, though.


You speak of 32123S


@ alexnoe

I stand corrected :D. The 32123S cannot apparently be overclocked.


i bought a 32125w writer abot 4 months ago and reading this forum it has been changed to a 40125s 40125w 48125w and all firmwares in between so i would say that the 32125w is the most overclockable and the cheapest

   cheers   spike