Which is the lowest speed

, with a modified firmware at which I can write a DVD+R.
I hope not faster than 4x.

Would help if you told us what drive you were using…

And what +R media! :iagree:

The media is Verbatim 4x DVD+R I have a lot of this.
The drive is NEC 3540.
It seems that for this drive the lowest speed is 8x for DVD+R(Maybe I’m wrong about this),
The question is:
Could I burn a DVD+R at at a lower speed than 8x with a modified firmware.
My console doesn’t read dvd burned at more than 4x.

Have you tried with media burned on this drive then?

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I better explain.
I have bought a lot of this kind of media (Dvd+r Verbatim 4x).Now I have a Pioneer 105 that doesnt burn +r format.So I want to buy a new drive(i think nec 3540) but I want to be sure that this drive can write also at low speed (like 2x or 4x) because I use mostly of my burned dvd for ps2 or for my stand alone divx reader.Both dont read dvd burned at more than 4x.

Hi ruzinho, and welcome to the forum.

If it’s 4X +R Verbatim you have, it will probably be MCC002 media and should burn well on the ND-3540A drive.

You should be able to burn this media on all NEC firmwares at 2x and 4x, on some modified firmwares, you should be able to burn it at 2x, 4x, 6x and 8x

Thank you.
This is the answer for which this afternoon I’ll buy a new drive (nec 3540).

Just to add, the Verbatim 4X could also be YUDEN000T01 which is even better. :slight_smile:


The whole burning slow thing IMHO is just not what it used to be with newer model drives. For example if you have an old DVD burner the theory that slower is better applies, but with the newer drives this changes compleately. I too backup my PS2 games and personaly from my experience slower gave me worst results than if I burned it at the rated speed or higher, when I burned at 2.4x my games skipped and I was having load problems, but after I started burning at 4x, and 6x everything went fine :).

Reading devices only reading slowly record media are a myth, invented by people who have used Princo media for a long time

“Reading devices only reading slowly record media are a myth”

This is probably very close to the truth.

At the time when newer “fast” DVD-Rs appeared, most of them gave questionable quality burns on the existing burners when higher speeds were used. Thus the word was spreading that lower speed burns gave better results. Flawed logic. The real issue was not the speed but the media.

Nowadays, this is mostly not true anymore (except for crappy media of course), but and I think the best choice for console owners is to burn 4x specified medias, that consoles like, instead of performing @4x burns with 8x or 16x media that consoles may like or not…

So ruzinho, you probably choosed the right media for your needs :slight_smile:

Many high-speed media don’t like to be burnt at low speed and this can actually worsen the console issue.
The only high-speed, quality media that I know of which actually gives perfect results @4x is MCC03RG20. This discs are simply amazing, they seem to be the most versatile discs on the market today. I LOVE them.

Thanks to all that answer my question.
Last question
Which soft I have to use to discover which kind of media(MCC002 or YUDEN000T01) are my Verbatim+r 4X?

You can either use Nero CD-DVD Speed (Extra - Disc info or Disc info depending on your version)
Or you can download DVD Identifier from http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com/

Thanks, too gentle

The end

I’ve bought the drive.Check with identifier the media.They are MCC002 like Dee-27 said.
Can I burn at 4x without problems?It seems they are good media.
Thanks a lot to everyone

yes you can,with my 2500 i can burn them at 6X with a result like or better than 4X.