Which is the fastest AVI to MPEG or DAT converter?

Hi ,

I want to convert a video file in .AVI format to .DAT or .MPGE format. The size of video file is around 700MB.
What is the fastest way to do it ? Is there any freeware available on internet ?
I have got some Video Converters but it takes around 4 Hrs to convert a video of length 1hr 30 min.


One of the fastest (and best) mpeg encoders is Cinema Craft Encoder. It is extremely expensive in the full version, but CCE Basic is $58. A good bargain if you don’t want more than 2 encoding passes. It is not particularly newbie friendly though, so you might want to read a guide or two on its use.

CCE Basic can be found here

The speed of your cpu has a huge effect on the time it takes for encoding though. You can cut some time using CCE, but don’t expect miracles.

http://www.vidomi.com/, if you can add a lot of pc’s to encode for ya