Which is the better drive Lite-ON IHAS 424-08 or 424-98?

My old Samsung 203N just died. I need to replace my everyday drive that does everything from install to burn cdr, dvd’s, dual layer. I use it to play music and watch movies.

I am also running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

I always liked Lite ON because of the bitsetting and quality of the drives.

I know that the iHas 424-08 is a real Lite-On and the 424-98 is a rebadged Optiarc 7241S.

My question is what drive is better for what I want to use it for?

Would you go for the real liteOn or the rebadged? I can order one or the other.

I need a new drive quick so I would like to make the decision today, if possible.

I’d go for the real Lite-On because they are good all-around drives and they are becoming rare. You can get an Optiarc any old time, but you’d better get a Lite-On now before they disappear.

Absolutely right. The MTK is a solid all-around drive. And the first Lite-on in a bit to do a decent job of 8X DL quality scanning. Very glad I grabbed one(update: two :D) before they’re gone :).

MTK has definitely come a long way if people are recommending it over the NEC. I have two variants of each chipset and the MTK is more “fun” to tweak around with the different settings. But both types are good, IMO.

dfine 1966,

Newegg is offering the Lite-On DH-24AAS for US$27.99 with free shipping.


I bought one of these and I’m delighted with it. I recommend it highly. It’s very fast and very quiet. A real Lite-On (not a re-badge), it does bitsetting on DVD+R both single layer and double layer. As I said, it’s fast. I’ve burned about a dozen Verbatim DLs and a few SLs so far, with not one coaster.

Oh yes, did I mention that I really like this burner?


The 8 has smarterase.

Well, I decided to order the Lite-ON 424-08 and should be getting it tomorrow. Thanks for all the advice.

What is the latest firmware for this device and where and how do I get it. I didn’t see any firmware update at the Lite-On site.

I live in the United States if this helps to know what location to update.