Which is the best Video Edit Software?

I want to buy Video editing software. Which one is the bestVideo editing software?
I have right now Sony Vegas platinium software,but I’m not that much happy with this software.

MPeg Video Wizard.

http://www.womble.com/products/mvw.html :iagree:

I use Ulead Video Studio just because it’s stable compared to Pinnacle. :slight_smile:

I use avs video editor. It can capture video from external device, and edit, authoring, burn DVDs. Just google it.

I have used AVI_IO with my Matrox G400-TV when I capture - it does an amazing job of enforcing audio-video sync.

I primarily use Nerovision Express 3 for editing, transcoding, and burning of all types of vid. files… it’s pretty easy to use, and gives very good results… though im sure there are better apps. out there.

Sony Vegas is a very good editing software. Perhaps you have an old version, and need an upgrade. Why are you unhappy with it?
Is it because it is difficult and you don’t understand how to use it properly? If so, there are lots of online tutorials available.

software can be a personal thing.

I used to dig Pinnacle mainly for the interface, but it was so buggy it torqued me off. I may not like the interface in Ulead 10 as much (I prefer multiple rows of clips in a resizeable window like Pinnacle used to have) but the thing is so freakin’ stable, I just end up sticking with it (since version 7). I prep the video in Video Studio and then use DVD Movie Factory to make the DVD’s.

I’ve tried Vegas - don’t like it. I’m not as big of a fan of timeline only stuff as some are.

If the dude don’t dig vegas, then he don’t dig vegas. No harm, no foul, eh?

I am still using Adobe Premiere 6.5…