Which Is the Best Software For Making Backups of DVD Games?

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Though I’ve been doing CD backups of games for years I just got a Liteon LH-20A1H-184 DVD burner and plan to start making backups of DVD games.
Which is the best program for making backups of DVD games (Alcohol 120, CloneCD, have both with the latest versions))? Also will AnyDVD work for game copy protections? Are the same methods used as those for making CD game backups (heard something that DPM measurement isn’t necessary for Securom 7 ??? when making DVD backups)? Thanks in advance


Come on, can’t anyone help me with this. Which is better for making backups of DVD games Alcohol or Clonecd? Are the methods the same as CD games and is AnyDVD good for clearing protections on DVD game disks? Thanks in advance,

DVD Decrypter works for me . . .

Just forget about it for almost all new games, my advice.

Why ya say that Chef, most I’ve come across have been Securom 7 which I’ve cracked with CD games, are DVD’s different?

^ Copies of securom dvds (requiring emulation) can be made with either alcohol 120% or blindwrite 6.

That’s the way I’ve been doing them all along with Alcohol and I find most new games have it. So I don’t know why Chef said what he did. I know I can’t do Starforce or Tages but as the majority,as I stated before, are Securom I have no problem. Just wanted to know if the procedures for doing backups with Alcohol pertaining to DVD’s weas any different.
Another issue which I find totally weird is I’ve always found Memorex CD Media to be the best and most reliable never having had a coaster with them (well a few times but those were strictly my fault, nothing to do withthe disks). Now I read that the DVD media sucks! what gives aren’t they made by the same company??

The only way to produce fully working backups of many of the newer games is by using a fixed executable (or for some games fixed dll files). I know it sucks when you pay £40 for a new game and you can’t make a working, non-cracked backup to safeguard your investment, but that’s the way it goes. Companies try to battle piracy, and as a result the end user pays the price by being unable to backup their discs.

He does have a point here the slysoft product is best for backing up your DVD movies only. The claim to make for game software is impossible as the companies constantly changes their proctection. And unless someone comes up with a good finanical reason why they should make for games backup to 1:1. I don’t see any real benefit of it…I see that alcohol will emulate and bypass the game protection but most times people are using the slysoft with their DVDs not games as DVDs are watched more and travel more. I like them to make their software do that as well but it might go up in cost for them and would be more expensive software for slysoft users to buy. We can’t have our cake and eat it as well…

Partly because I don’t and won’t use shrubby softwares like Alcohol. If, then maybe Blindwrite. :wink:

I use Nero

dvd games? you mean ps2, PC and xbox games?? what you they use for GAmecube games anyway :?

Will the Liteon LH-20A1H-184 DVD burner work in Alcohol 120? I just noticed that it’s not in the supported list and my trial period ran out.