Which is the best operating system?

I know there are a lot of posts out there but I have search the forum for 2 hours and have found basically nothing.

I got the sims 2 in a cheap pizza deal and wanted to back it up because it is freakin $99!!! to get it again.
Which is the best operating system to use for burning things like safedisc, secure rom etc. etc? I have win 2000, 2000 server, xp home, xp pro, 98, 95b
most on fresh installs with no other software installed.
I have a pioneer 109d (I think it’s a 109“D”) or an LG gce-8480b 48x16x48x do I kneed to disable things, upgrade firmware or service packs?
What programs do I kneed running or disable e.g. clonecd, anti blaxx, virtual drives?

OR Can you direct me to a helpful thread?


Just use xp pro or home and clonecd or alcohol but nothing is guaranteed with some protections now being hardware dependent especally safedisc which the sims2 are…

i dont think the operating system matters when it comes to copy protections,what really matters is the software & optical hardware

i’d suggest to use xp pro, as its stability is (compared to previous windows-versions) superior… :wink:
but in general, phil_ is right, not the OS but the used software does the hard job… :wink: but, if you look to some of the “older” alcohol changelogs you may see that there were some bugs in combination with older windows versions - so it might not be wrong to use a new one (xp pro sp2, fully patched and updated) for (future) compatibility…

The BEST OPERATING SYSTEM is NextStep, without question.

Oh, wait - your question was more involved than that. LOL.

XP is just fine. They’re all the same for what you want to do.

The OS won’t make any difference ; only the burning software used will. Just stay out of windows 95/98/ME, as you don’t want to get a BSOD in the middle of burning…

Thanks that’s a real help
Now does the computer matter like I have an old Celeron 400 setup up can that do it? I can use my other 2.4gig but I’ll have to format it again.

Hardware shouldn’t matter either, except for the burner if you plan on backing-up the sims2 (safedisc 3.20)

Hardware will matter when you are playing the games (video card etc)

Should I ignore this error?

disc error at:809
disc error at:820
disc error at:836
and so on…

sims 2 using alcohol 120% on safedisc profile reading at 4X

Read errors are normal with the safedisc protection they should end around the 10,000 mark approx just let it run…