Which is the best (more reliable, with less bug) version of nero and InCD?

Which is the best (more reliable, with less bugs) version of nero and InCD? I want to use it with Plextor Premium and Plextor PX-708A. Thanks!

Nero551054 Probably …

There’s a problem with some versions of Nero when writing to DVD+R media. You’ll get an error when writing the lead-out. The conventional wisdom around here is to use and to avoid like the plague. I haven’t seen anyone with a PX-708a post as to whether is also safe or not.

If it’s version 6 you want, is the one to avoid and my understanding is is safe.

I’ve stuck with because I know that one works. I may upgrade to 6 but from what I’ve read here, that may be more trouble than it is worth at this time.


My experience : 5.5 versions are much much more reliable than 6.0 versions at the moment & my 551054 version(latest 5.5 build ) seems flawless at the moment , I hope of course ! :bow:

Specs: WinXP ProSP2b1213, Sony DVD RW DRU-510A, Sony CD-RW CRX220E1 52x24x52


My recent experience is that the only version of Nero which works reliably with the Plextor 708a is which came on the CD with the drive.

This is also supported by plextor.be support, who warn not to upgrade the version which came on the CD.

I have tried several versions of the Nero 6 series on the Plestor 708a, and none of them work for me, including But I must admit that I neglected to clean out the registry with the Nero Cleaner when changing to the various versions of the 6 series. I did however use the Nero Cleaner before installing the recommended version of Perhaps using the Nero Cleaner before installing version may have made a difference - but now I will never know for sure.


I made an error in my post above when I referred to version which doesn’t exist. I mean to say which is the version I’m using. If you’ve got a PX708a you just might be wasting some +R media in the future if you burn with anything newer, as Nosmo King says.

As for me, I’m happy to wait patiently until I hear from Plextor and others who’ve tried it out!