Which is the best media for pioneer dvr111d?

hi at all, which is the best media for this dvd burner??
verbatim 16x MCC 03RG20 or
sony 16x SONY16D1 ??? thanks

I must have caught a very crappy batch of Verbatim DVD-R MCC03RG20. All my DVD writers yield poor scans with these media - sometimes even with PO errors. The BenQ 1655 yields the best results with these discs - at least one doesn’t get PO errors. I have also seen similarily poor scans from others but also very good ones. Below I have included my best and my worst scan of these media with the Pio 111.

the scans with BenQ 1655 they must be made at 4x ,not 8x.

Why do you say that?

The “standard” scanning speed for BenQ drives on the CDFreaks forums is 8x - this is the scanning speed used by most users with the BenQ 1655 and other BenQ drives.

Not that there’s anything wrong with scanning at 4x, but it’s easier to compare scans when people use the same scanning speed.

Agree with Drage - I actually dug up the 1655 SL scans thread, which shows, on the first 2 pages at least, 8x scans :wink:


excuse me for my english , i’m italian.

since they are not practical of scansion, you could say me how they are that scans of the verbatim?

The scans in this thread?

The first scan is OK but not great (too high PIE levels to be great), the second scan is terrible because of the POF and high PIF.

thanks, I believed went the verbatim better!! why these result with pioneer and verbatim 16x? there is any incompatibility?

Verbatim 16X DVD-Rs are just very average discs, as are Sony 16X DVD-Rs.

I prefer Verbatim 16X DVD+Rs myself.


I like to use Verbatim 8x DVD+R with my 111D. It burns them at 12x perfectly.

I don’t know Sony DVD-Rs, but otherwise I agree. However, the above Verbatim DVD-R were my first Verbatim discs with PO errors. I am clearly not the only one, who has problems with these discs, look here. In general I have good faith in Verbatim and use MCC004 for storing more valuable stuff.

TerminalVeloCD uses +R like myself. Your verbatim were -R. I’ve never had a problem with verbatim +R discs. I’ll be sure to stay away from -R with my 111D :stuck_out_tongue:

I compared Verbatim DVD-R 16x Photo Printable (Taiwan) on Pio 111, LiteOn 165P6S an BenQ 1640 myself with Disks from the same Spindle and the Results from Pio are MUCH worse than my 2 other Burners. Best was LiteOn.

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Well, i postet the result in another (german) forum:

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But I have one question too.
I heard the only recommended media for Dual Layer burning is Verbatim.
Has anyone tried the Ricoh 8x yet? They are cheaper and normally this is not a bad brand. Can anyone please advise?

Ricoh DL 8X is not supported by a great number of burners. See their website for suppoting burners.
However the Pioneer 111/111D is one of the rare to have it supported in its firmware at full speed (at least the latest)
I still have some on the shelf which I could only burn with my Benq 1640 with so-so quality. Will try with the 111. Stay tuned :wink:

Can’t wait, thanks in advance Sapa!

Took me a while to figure out how to enable superior speeds with MCSE as there are two entries in the strategies table.
RICOHJPN D01 4x,2.4x
RICOHJPN D01 8x,6x,4x,2.4x

Replaced the first with the second, saved the patched fw and flashed.
Originally, with no strategy hack, 8.29 111L only saw 2.4X.
Now, all speeds up to 8X are available.

As for the scan and tranfer rate, I must confess they surpass all my expectations, considering my previous burns of this media in other drives.
The scan is even better than my Verbatim MKM 001 at 4X I posted.

Please see the Pioneer 111 scans thread.

I have learned from another thread int this forum that the above crappy Verbatim DVD-R 16x are from Prodisc, because “LOCK OPEN” on the cakebox is written with a sans serif font.

I am quite happy with my Verbatim DVD+R MCC004 (MII) for my Pio 111 so far, and it seems that people don’t like -R media for this burner, but just to be curious: Which -R media would you prefer if you wanted to try -R?

MCC 03RG20 (not made by Prodisc)?