Which is the best external writer for me


New to all of this DVD writing.

What I want
Fast quick reliable external CD/ DVD writer (don’t we all).

This will be linked to my Compaq Evo N620c laptop running XP, via USB

I want to be able to backup DVD films, write MP3 Cd’s, write normal Cd’s, backup PS2 games.

If know external writers are more expensive, but I am presuming that they

  1. Are designed for carrying around so are more rugged
  2. Look better than a beige box in a case
  3. Designed to be put inside my rucksac hundreds of times.

So if someone could give a good indication of an external drive?
Answer the question of is it worth it or should i get internal with an exclosure?

And basically point me in the right direction…


here are some I thought of


Thinking of either getting the:

Samsung TS-E552U USB2.0 Dual Layer 16x DVD +/-R/RW Ext.

or the

Freecom Classic DVD+/-RW 16x Black USB2.0 Double Layer External

or the

LaCie External 16x +/- Dual Layer DVD Drive USB2 & F/wire (d2 model)

predicate this response with not all so familiar with external burners…

have read that the only good thing about samsung burners are there price, the lacie got a so so review at cdrlabs (check out review), and i am completely unfamiliar with freecom. i know, not much help, but something is better than nothing…

you could save some money by buying an internal drive and an external case, BUT there are incompatibility issues that MAY arise when doing this.

i, being a fan(maybe boy) of Plextor, think the Plextor PX-716UF is a nice choice (and you can get them in different colors too :wink: ). there are some helpful posts in the plextor section regarding this particular drive.

plextors are veeeeeerrrry pricy…also from what i have read, they still seem to have issues even with firmware 1.04

agreed there is a price premium, but have you seen some of the scans posted by Tom Roper and others from burns done with the 716UF? he’s getting great results with it.

yeah, but oc-freak has some posts that show that their are still issues. i really want to buy a 716a. mabey 1.05 due out in a few months will finally convince me…

i think OC-Freak has results that vary a great deal from all the other 716 owners. just look at the threads…nobody has POFs except his drive.

i will look at them again…

just reviewed the entire thread. others are also showing some issues with YUDEN000T02. considering that i have stockpile of over 400 of these disks, plextor needs to do some work on this mid before they win me over.

sorry compact for going so off-topic.

spryfly, i’ve got about 400 YUDEN000 T02s sitting right next to me too. im not having any “serious” issues at all with them. might not get 16X everytime, or PIE under 20 everytime, but PIFs are great (which mean a lot more to me than PIE) and burn times are like 30s longer…big whoop.

anywho, to each his own, you have to be comfortable of course before shelling out the dough. i just know i have 2 (01XX and 02XX) and have had no problems with either of them.

lol…very true, to each his own. happy burning!!!

same to you spryfly :slight_smile:

compact, any more questions about ext burners, just holla and we’ll see what we can do to help you out.