Which is the best DVD to use with a Lite-On

I just bought a Lite-On LTR-48126S which was upgraded to a 48246S and want to buy a good DVD or DVD/CDRW Combo player to primarily play games and movies on.

But I would also like to use it to listen to music once in a while.

What do you recommend as the the best to purchase?


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The Lite-On 163/165/166 series of DVD-ROM’s would be a very good match for your burner.

They are fast and accurate DVD readers and have outstanding reading speeds for both data and audio (DAE) CD discs.

JVC and Lite-on have merged concerning the DVD-ROM business, so the drives may now be known as JMLS DVD-ROM’s. :wink:

i’m the happy owner of a lite-on 165H, and think personally is one of the best choice i’ve ever made: reads audio cds from 20x to 48x (really!) in CLV, so i can even burn cds on the fly at 48x (trust me); and in making copies of games, is the speedest driver i ever used: reads everything and in very short time.
didn’t try one of the other 163 or 166, but for the one i own, well, nothing to say.