Which is the best DVD-ROM?

I planned to buy a DVD-ROM I just don’t know which one. I want it to read CD-R and CD-RW perfect. I would also like it to read subchannels even tough it’s not necessary, since I have a LTR-24102B.
I have seen that many in here have a LTD-163, is that one the best?

I pretty sure that Liteon DVD-ROM drives (from what I’ve read) can read subchannel data. I haven’t seen or heard of a DVD-ROM drive that cannot read CD-RWs but I haven’t seen any that reads CD-RWs faster than 24x. Some DVD-ROM drives, including even the higher end models tend to have problems reading low quality CD-Rs. Most DVD-ROM drives (all model’s I’ve seen) really don’t like scratched or dirty CDs.

I got my DVD-ROM drive while visiting California and I went for the cheapest DVD-ROM drive I could find: $40 (inc tax) for a 12X. I got firmware for it to deregion it and overclock it to 16x. This player has no problems with any DVD-ROM, CD-RW, but it has difficulty reading ‘cheap’ CD-Rs. :wink:

I got a Toshiba 1612 which can pratically read everything there is today on the market regarding CD and DVD ; Haven’t test it on subchannels yet.

It was a pain to get it region free though… the patches on the firmware page do not work…

44 Euro’s in Germany.

As far as my limited knowledge about DVD Roms goes, I’d say that the Toshiba 16x drive is the best choice.

I have some experience with both the LiteOn and the Toshiba 16x DVD Rom drives and I strongly prefer the Toshiba…

Thanks I will go for either the Toshiba or the Lite-On then. :slight_smile:

I have a LTD-163 and have never had any problems with it being unable to read any discs. I don’t know anything abot the Toshiba but I don’t feel I need to…

I have an AOpen DVD1640 PRO Slot-In Drive, and was wondering if anybody else has the model and has successfully updated its firmware to region free. If so, which firmware did you use and where can i get it? Also, is there anyway i can update the firmware in Window because i’m not that good in DOS and i dunno how to change to primary or whatever to get it working in DOS.

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i can buy this drive cheap but the guy says its broke im curious
below is what he says happened i sw it on ebay any ideas anyone let me know what it could be or if its just a lemon…

This drive was working perfectly until last Sunday, when I was watching a DVD, and I paused it, when I unpaused the movie, the software froze up, and bombed out. Since then the drive refuses to read any DVD/CD media. When you insert any media, the activity light just flashes away for about 60-90 seconds. The drive powers up fine, and the loader mechanism works fine, but it will not read any media any

Just been given a Samsung DVD rom SD-6.

It will play a movie.
It will recognise cdroms but not dvd data disks.

Any ideas?? what the problem might be.


Used DVD-ROM drive cannot read any DVD-ROM data disk? Sounds like your OS has not configured and installed the drive. Or, maybe the disks are corruped or user-recorded DVD-R or DVD+R? I don’t know any DVD-ROM drive that cannot read commercially-released DVD-Video disks but many DVD-ROM drives cannot recognize DVD recordable media properly.

my toshiba 1612 is only reading 4x on clone cd (other burn software also) - so what is wrong with it? i tested 2 other
1612 on different systems with the same result.
firmware 1004, windows xp pro, dma activated

Hi, this might be common but I just want a straight up answer. :slight_smile:

The Liteon 16x DVD Rom Drives, can they

a) Copy Most Protections?
b) Region Free’d?


Also, I’m not exactly sure which model it is.

A) Yes. Exception audio-protections.
B) Yes.

Both the 136D, 165H and 166S is equal in these aspects.

Thanks Mate.

Samsung SM-348B 48x/24x/48x/16x Combo Drive

The long-awaited Samsung SM-348B have just appeared in Seoul. The retail price is 195,000 Won, or US$160. 48x CD writers in Seoul usually cost around 100,000 won. There are SM-348B/BOM and SM-348B/DOM listed in Danawa.

Here are the pictures on the Samsung ODD web site.


48x CD-R
24x CD-RW
48x CD-ROM Read
16x DVD-ROM Read


110ms CD-ROM average access time
130ms DVD-ROM average access time

PIO Mode 4, DMA Mode 2, UltraDMA Mode 2

8MB buffer memory

The published specification says it can read DVD-R and DVD-RW but there’s no mention about DVD+R and DVD+RW.

The current chairman of RDVDC is a Samsung executive. Samsung also has some DVD-R and DVD-RAM drives.

i have a Toshiba SD 1612 and it sucks
it continually jerks when playing DVD’s
i have an Athlon XP 2000 and 512 DDR Ram, it’s not my comp’s fault.

Originally posted by rob_peer
i have a Toshiba SD 1612 and it sucks
it continually jerks when playing DVD’s
i have an Athlon XP 2000 and 512 DDR Ram, it’s not my comp’s fault.

There’s no guarantee an Athlon system with 2GB DDR cannot have faults.

Anyway, here’s another “what the best DVD-ROM” thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=56253 recommending some DVD-ROM drives.



MSI X48-A 48/24/48/16x Combo Drive

Just-Link buffer underrun protection
EXACT-Rec (Enhanced eXtracting & Adapting Control Technology for Recording) monitors accuracy of writing
AWSS (Advanced Weighting Suspension System) technology reduces vibration and noise
ROPC technology boosts recording stability
Average access time: 100ms for CD and 110ms for DVD
2MB buffer
Maximum 40x audio extraction