Which is the best dvd-rom?




I want to buy a new 16x dvd-rom , any suggestions?



The Asus E616 has a good reputation.


It more expensive than a BenQ 1670 burner. :slight_smile:


But who’d want a Benq 1670 anyway.

In the UK the Asus is only about £15 which is a typical price for a DVD-ROM.


Yeah, what is a good all around DVD-ROM? Quiet. Not locked etc.


I’m also looking for a good DVD-ROM drive.

I read a review of the Asus here ASUS DVD-E616A cdrinfo review.
But that exact model is hard to get, the ASUS DVD-E616A3 is a lot easier to get.
But it only has a 198KB data buffer.
And a bad user experience with it here : ASUS DVD-E616A3 (John Davis from Reading).
OK it’s only one bad experience (the other experiences are for the A and A2 models and generally favorable).

Asus probably had one or more reasons (RIAA, DVDCCA ?) for it, but a data buffer of only 198KB ?
Sounds almost just as funny as Bill Gates saying : “640KB ought to be enough for anybody.:smiley: