Which is the best DVD-ROM drive to ro read subchannel data?

HEy guys!

I own a Lite On LTR-32123S Burner and have problems to copy securom new! I tried several settings in clone cd! everytime I I double-click on the game’s icon nothing happens!
I searched the forum for help i had the idea to buy a DVD-ROM drive to solve this problem! THis drive needs to read subchannel data and audio! Which drive is the best to beat the securom new copy protection? By the way the game is called “Hotel Gigant (Hotel Giant)”!
Does anyone have some experience with that?

Please help me guys!
Thanks in advance!


your drive is one of the best out there for copying games!!! :slight_smile: my guess is that it has atip protection. After u copy the game make sure u use HIDE CD-R MEDIA OPTION or run tha backup cd from a cd-rom/dvd-rom drive and NOT tha lite-on (cd-rw) drive :slight_smile:

that should fix your problem :slight_smile:

p.s. Also make sure that u turn off AWS because lite-on drives dont even need this enabled!!! (aws, used only for safe disk v2)

thank you @ NBR
I already now that what you wrote…I never had these problems before! lite-on rules!
do you recommend the dvd-drive of lite on?
I just have my cd-writer…my cd-rom died a few weeks ago!
thanks in advance