Which is the best DVD reader, Writer & software package

Hi all,

Need the advice of the masses to decide …

Which is the best DVD reader…

Which is the best DVD Writer…

Which is the best software package to use for creating DVD’s

I am creating DVD’s from Vcd, Svcd as well as DVD’s. So could do with an all in one solution. I will be purchaseing all the hardware and software from new so advice would be greatfully recieved


To answer your questions :

reader : Liteon
writer : pioneer a04(bulk 104)
Software package : primo/record now and nero

About your other question visit Doom9.net on how to backup your (s)vcd and dvd to dvdr.

about the writer: the dvr-a04 is certainly going to become much cheaper, since dvr-a05 and sony dru500a will soon be available.