Which is the best DVD format (- or +)?

Does anyone know if there’s a distinct difference between DVD- and DVD+
when it comes to copying movies?



The only practical difference is that some standalone (usually old ones) don’t read +R media. However, +R media can be burned changing their booktype in ROM, so also these media can be read from picky standalones.

The choice between + and - media is based on the burner. Even if almost all burners can write both, there is anyway a some sort of better performance with one type of media.

I have yet to see a standalone dvd player not be able to play my DVD+R’s that are booktyped to DVD-ROM

So for me, DVD+R is the best.

Differences in media are theoretical. I have, however, found that I get better burns from +R, for MCC, TY, Ritek, and Ricoh with Liteon 1693, Pioneer 109, BenQ 1620, and NEC 3500/3520. My LG does a very good job with -R but I have avoided +R on the LG due to annoying bitsetting.

There are several articles on the mainpage about this. A good search in these forums will provide you with many discussions as well.

Check out this thread for example:
Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W)

Daewoo made one. It would not do -R, or DVD-ROM (+R). My customer wanted to get a DVD Recorder anyway, so that was the excuse that fixed it.

In my opinion: DVD+R/RW.


  1. Better burns.
  2. DVD Recorders provide much more functions with + media and dont forget the bit rate.

Thank you, all for your help.