Which is the best Burner?

Which is the best CD Burner to get for backing up my game discs using Clonecd? :confused:

At present I’m using a Creative 1210E and the NTI CDMaker and Backup software that came with it, for backups of my HD and data CD’s.

I’ve tried using CloneCD to copy both Game and Data CD’s and created a coaster every time. Now, after searching the CDFreaks Forums it looks like my burner is useless for copying protected CD’s; so I guess I’ll have to get a new one.:frowning:

But which is the best one to get, without busting the bank?

zooty for god’s sake man use the bloody search engine. this has be talked about a thousand times. buy a plextor for audio cds and a liteon for data cds (including almost all protected games)

For games Lite-On 40x or Asus 40x.


May be an Asus for both Audio & Data?

LiteOn LTR-40125W CD-RW test results:

ASUS 48X/ 16X/ 48X CD-RW Drive information:

note Take a CLOSE look at the CloneCD results on the LiteOn LTR-40125W


Depends are your needs…the liteon cdrw do not backup properly certain audio protectios because they do not read them correctly…but if you have a reader that does this is not an issue as they can supposedly write the protection fine…one example is cactus data shield…

For game backups the liteon work great…

Asus is very good as well…I am not sure about its ability to read audio protection…

the plex drives read audio/game protections fine and write audio fine…but have some problems with sd2.5.021…need Amplify weak sectors enabled since they do not do efm encoding properly…also the 40x plex will not do DAO at 40x but max 24x

Go with the Asus 40X. You will not be disappointed…