Which is the best burner for copying movies?

i’m finally breaking down and buying a dvd burner after reading about dvd rot. i picked up dvd xcopy gold and now am looking for the best burner for making copies of my movie collection.

i’ve heard the px-708a is the best at copying protected movies (although it has some issues with dvd xcopy…but at least there’s a workaround), the nec-2500a is pretty good, the ldw-811s is mediocre. is that true from your guys’ experience? also, how is the pioneer a07/107 for copying protected movies?


Your choice of burner will have no impact on movie copying, unless you intend to use the burner for ripping. In that case, speed will be the only real issue, as the de-encryption is sofware based, not a function of the drive.
All my burners rip movies at much the same speeds, (6x CAV) the NEC and Pioneer require firmware mods to unlock the speeds.

The remaining question is compatability with movie players, and again the choice of burnere shouldn’t affect compatability. However in the real world it does. The LiteOn has the most trouble with compatability, particularly with DVD-R. But reports of problems with other burners are also not uncommon.

de-encryption is sofware based, not a function of the drive

Are you referring to DVDShrink, Alcohol, DVD XCopy, etc?

The CDFreaks reviews of the 2500A and the 708A described their abilities to make backups of protected DVDs. This seems to me to be a function of the drive.

It makes sense that overcoming copy protection would be software-based since hardware can’t keep up as fast as the new copy protections (unless via firmware updates, which I don’t believe include updates to beating copy protections). But if de-encrypting DVDs is software-based, then why did the CDFreaks reviews discuss the drives’ abilities to make backups without mention of specific s/w used?

Furthermore, in other threads, certain DVD-ROM drives (LiteOn 166 series, etc) are being mentioned as the best at copying DVDs… which brings it back to a hardware issue.

Sorry…I’m starting to get pretty confused. Can you please clarify?

I was talking about ripping speed. It is limited more by your CPU and system and software than by the drives’s reading speed, depending on the operations being performed. If the source disc is not encrypted, and you are not compressing but just ripping, speed of the drive becomes a factor.

I just saw some movie protections on spider man and enemy at the gates, it looks like a circle running on the vob4 near the end gives a read error and takes for ever, after 30 Min’s I gave up. I guess they add in read errors so you can not do a dupe of it and when playing the movie it just skips over those parts. With dead end and last samurai the disk does not ever get ready and recognized.

Even when using AnyDVD ?

a good burner to backup movies, and that can be very useful in the near future, should be one that can do Double Layer, like this you can make 1-to-1 copies of your dvd’s (with all menu’s, languages, extra, etc)…

about ripping speed, some are locked (like nec), that even if burner support higher reading speeds of dvd’s, it’s locked to some value, while others (Liteon 812, which i have) can rip at max drive speed.

so a good drive is one that is not locked and support DL = Liteon 832 or 812@832