Which is the best burner for CMC MAG E01 at 8X speed? I need to buy one now

Hello to everyone here.

I have bought ten 50-pack Staples Brand 8X DVD+R, they are actually CMC MAG E01. I am also looking to buy a new burner (must order one within the next 24 hours). If anyone could suggest me a best choice of burner that can burn the above discs at 8X speed with excellent result.

Benq 1650 would be as good a choice as any, my 1640 burns them well at 8x and 12x.

My 1650 does them fine using BCFC firmware.

Only tried at 8x though.

I had a Pioneer 109 that burnt these discs @ 12X a year ago and I scanned the discs these days and got QS of 94-95.
If you can find the 109 it would be great , 1640/1650 are excellent choices too.

I’ve just scanned another disc burnt with the Pioneer 109 @12X , all I can say is : [B]wow[/B]
It even beats Sony MIJ media I have . :smiley:

I’d go with the BenQ 1650 as well, mine burn them nicely (albeit with BCDC firmware)…at the rated 8x also. :slight_smile:

Thank you, people.

I have a few questions. If I buy the BenQ 1650 OEM version, can I upgrade it myself to the latest firmware? Where can I find this latest firmware?

Why so many of you like to burn it at 12X? Are you trying to say 12X burn may get one better quality than 8X? Or you just like to save a little bit of time?

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Luke Hu

Shouldn’t be any problem with going OEM at all. Firmware from here for official firmware. There are other links around as well.

Only with one or two media would I burn faster than the rated speed of the media & with these MAG E01s I’d stick to 8x.

Yes, if you buy an OEM 1650, you can update the firmware to the latest official one (from the BenQ website).

If media is rated at 8x (as CMC MAG E01 is), then I’d recommend burning at that speed. :slight_smile:

Edit: Tim beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

As always. :bigsmile:

I have just ordered a BenQ 1650 OEM from Newegg. Thank you everyone here.

1650 and 110 burn oustanding with this media! See my scans in Staples $7.99 sale>

I have followed your guys’ suggestion and bought a Benq1650 OEM from Newegg.com. It came with BCFC firmware installed. I have burned 7 discs using 8X burn speed. All of them can achieve Quality Score 95. Which was very good for this Staples Brand CMC MAG E01. Below is a typical result.

Is there a way to increase the quality score even higher? Have anyone tried different firmwares and came out with even better result? Have anyone tried to crossflash Benq1650 to Benq1655 and achieved better result? Should I upgrade it to the latest 1650/1655 firmware?

Any comment is highly welcome.

The recommended scanning speed is 8x for the Benqs, won’t change the result much but saves you time.

Using Qsuite , is Solidburn activated for known & unknown media. Default is not for known & probably should be changed.

Personally I’ve leave the firmware as is, some have had issues with BCHC. And why flash to 1655?

The only real way to find out is to experiment yourself, what works on one system may not give the same effect on another. Of course, this has the potential for you to get some bad burns in the process :slight_smile:

The scan you posted looks typical of results I get from CMC MAG E01 discs. Oh, I noticed your drive isn’t showing the Jitter trace even though it is selected :confused:

111 Does a great job also! I get 95-98 quality burns all the time with this media on the 1640,110,111