Which is the best $35 burner?

Which is the best $35 burner? I 'd like to get it at Newegg.

Now that’s strange. At cdrlabs it’s 10 vs 2 votes for the Pioneer, but here it’s 7 vs 4 votes for the LiteOn at the moment.

Interesting, because I have problems deciding which one of them to buy (as my first DVD burner), too :slight_smile:

Lite-On 160/165 series. :slight_smile:

I have the 165H6s and both the 182s and all three drives are great. I have yet to produce a coaster with the 182D using CloneDVD2, Shrink, Recode, 1Click, ImgBurn, CopytoDVD, or Nero 7; the samsung plays nicely with all of my software.

Pioneer is probably the gratest when it comes to burning. Liteon is just more versatile and makes better sence to get if there is gonna be only 1 dvd burner.

p.s. 111d can be cross-flashed.

Best would be dependant on what you require from a drive. If write quality is your primary purpose, Pioneer would be my choice. The Lite-ONs have more capabilities (reliable scanning) but I currently wouldn’t replace my BenQ with one.