Which is the best 16x DVD drive?

I’m new here at cdfreaks.com forum. I was wondering if you guys could tell me which is the best 16x dvd rom drive out there that is able to rip a whole lotta crap and can read virtually anything and will go great with my Plextor 16x10x40 cdr-w. I’m stuck between the

Pioneer 106S slot loading


Toshiba SD-M1612

if you know anything better and that I can get a hold of here in the USA then I would appreciate it.



I would go for the Tosh… Here’s a little review on this drive. I have the SD-M1502 model myself and it’s very good. It does have some bad points though (slow reading of SafeDisc [2] protected games for instance) but they’re gone in the 1602 model!

hey man, i got the toshiba. im not sure exactly which model, but its the 16x dvd and 40x cdrom. its ok. i also have the lite on 16x dvd 40x cdrom. i think the lite on smokes the toshiba. i dont know the exact model of the lite on either though, but theres only one. id say get the lite on. it rips cds twice as fast.

Yes that could be but you wouldn’t be able to rip DVD’s with your LiteOn :slight_smile: I also have a 16/48x Toshiba but that could be either the 1502 or the 1602. I believe they have the same speeds…