Which is the best 1640 f/w for Verbs MCC004?

I just cross-flashed my External Norwood Micro to BenQ BSLB f/w and burned Verbatim Media (MCC004). It turned out nice (96 Score using Nero Speed). I was just wondering if any member could point out the best f/w to burn that kind of media @8X. It’s not that I’m not happy with the results. It’s just that I hoped for better scores, like the 98.5 I get from TUDENT002.

All I can say is that the best burner for MCC004 has seemed to be the LiteOn 165p6s in terms of overall performance.

I know there was an issue up to BSLB where 16x medias seemed to produce better results when burned at 12x, as 8x might get you a slightly better result than 12x, but seems kind of counterproductive with a 16x media.

You might want to comb through the BSPB and BSRB threads on the 1640 for MCC004 burns, and the settings in most cases will be listed along with the burn results. :wink:

Here’s the link to the 1640 SL media thread. There is an MCC004 at 12x in there on the last page, but that’s all I scanned for…

Link to the BSRB thread.

BSPB results.

Thanks! I’ll take a look at the links.

No problem! Now that I’m more awake than last night when I originally posted, while the 1640 specs said it would burn at 16x, it didn’t really get there. Basically IIRC, the 1650/55 was designed to reach the true 16x. A lot of people found that on the 1640, 16x media just didn’t do well burned at 16x, so the best results overall was burning 16x media at 12x on the 1640. This was the general trend, anyway.

i have seen the threads on the LiteOn 165p6s but i have yet to see quality rating on scans in the 97-98 range, albeit i’m assuming the liteon is doing these at 16x and the 1640 is doing them at 12x…but the diff between burn times is so inconsequential and if quality is primary consideration, then isn’t the 1640 still the preemminent burner for MCC004 media–even at 12x?

Anyways, i just cant find a better f/w than BSLB, i have gone back and forth w/other firmware, but i only burn MCC004 and YudenT02 and the 1640 just smokes those discs. I actually like the writing surface/finish of the sony Yuden discs over the verbatim MCCs so sometimes i end up using the sonys even though i burn them at 8x mainly.

So like me, you have a 1640 and mostly burn MCC004 and YudenT02. You say nothing is better than BSLB? That was the first f/w I used to cross-flash. I got good results, but I expected a bit more. I’m currently using BEFB f/w (external 164B) and works basically the same. Maybe the problem is I’m expecting too much out of MCC004.

1640 at 12x with BSLB yields consistant 96-98’s with less than 200 PO error’s.

Do you have Solid Burn On? I’m also curious because the only write strategy Nero shows for that media is 4X, and MCC004 is supposed to be burned at High Speeds.

I wouldn’t be suprised if Benq hasn’t even changed the Write Strategy for MCC004 for quite some time, maybe even before BSLB. Burns fine with BSLB though.

hrbngr, I made the switch to BSPB, so I could get the faster FE/TE scanning under QSuite, and I’m happy to report that test only takes ~ 45-55 seconds under normal sampling and still only 83-93 secs. under full sampling, whereas it takes about 10 min. under LB. Also, the FE/TE scans are now consistently the same under PB, which they were NOT under OB (that was one of OB’s bugs). I get the same quality burns with BSPB (jitter, PIF total) with yuden000t02-00 and tyg02 as I did under BSLB (and I resisted switching for a LONG time after trying BSOB with such bad results). Honestly, BSLB still seems to be the consistent winner overall with the widest range of quality burns for mids from what I remember seeing, but you do have the longgggg FE/TE testing time if you want to use that under QSuite.

I have to say that the 165p6s from LiteOn has the 1640 whipped on MCC004 burns, as it burns them at a true 16x and gets lower PIF totals. Remember that while the LiteOn may also use CD-DVD Speed, the scanning is at 1ECC, and CD-DVD Speed calculates the Quality Score differently: 1 PIF at a height of 1 will give you a 98; a spike of 2 will give you a 95; a spike of 3 will give you 93; a spike of 4 (the absolute limit for still a ‘good’ burn under 1ECC scanning) will give you a 90. So keep this difference in mind between the QS calculations on the 1640 vs. the 165p6s. :wink:

Hermes, I always have SB enabled on all burns with my 1640. This writes a small bit of data on the lead-in and lead-out portions of the media, and calculates until it gets an optimum jitter % for it. For this reason, I like the potential extra gain from having SB enabled for also “known” media types. From the scans I saw, having SB enabled was the clear winner.

Also, while much of the MCC004 stock seems to be burning well for most, there is still a “quality variance” issue, slightly more pronounced with MCC these days. Some people avoid the “Made in India” MCC like the plague, with I’ve seen 2 CDFreaks claim they get equally good results with MII. Additionally, the CMC MCC (identified with “PAPA” on the serial number) seems to be more consistent in quality than the Prodisc kind now (identified with a + or - in between the 16 serial numbers). Those are extra variables to keep in mind.

I also go for the BSLB.

Just my 2 cents:
My Plextor 755A gets excellent results ou tof MCC004.
See the scans here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=187098

I cannot argue with those MCC004 results, although most of them are 8x. I was recommending the 165p6s because of scan results I’ve seen comparable to yours, except with the same quality at the full 16x. :slight_smile:

Also, I would certainly trust the LiteOn 1693s for scans of your Plextor burns, as at least (in theory) it would be based on the same 1ECC as the Plextor. The 1693s shows lower PIF anyway. :wink: Have you burned any MCC004 in your 1693s? It seems the 1693 had excellent quality on anything MCC003, at least, and most of the MCC02RG20 from what I remember.

first, thanks for the great post and reply. secondly, are you saying that when using cdspeed on the BenQ vs LiteOn the difference in the way they scan account for the differences in score?–and if so, is the only relevant info the PIE/PIF amounts and heights?

finally, do you have a pic of a ‘cmc’ mcc004? hopefully i can determine which kind i have been burning and then what kind bbuy is selling at their $14.99/50 deal.