Which is preferred/better Benq 1640 or Nec 3540?

Which is currently regarded as the preferred/better drive:

Benq 1640 or Nec 3540? :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

And why?

For a Better drive try the Lite-On 1693S
Why ? Very good firmware support and Comprehensive LiteOn Tools Collection.

benq 1640.


The why (which you omitted) is the most interesting to know.

-The 1693S is a good come-back for liteon, but it is noisy!!! It seems to be well supported, and the community is still very important.

-The BenQ 1640 is an improved version (same chipset with different PCB) of the excelent 1620. BEnQ also has a very good support, and its community is growing every day!! It also has some excelent hacked software…

For me it is BenQ … but I also respect the 1693S!

Personnaly I will never buy a liteon again because of the way Liteon has supported my 1633S when I baught it … Those who own this drive know what I am talking about!!!

Well, unlike the BenQ, the NEC does allow -R DL. So, again, how does that make BenQ a better choice?

Aqualung: BenQ 1640 supports DVD-R DL at 4x (with the newest firmware).

DVD-R DL support is unimportant. It’s largely unsupported and the media is nearly impossible to find. DVD+R media with bitsetting is more compatible in DVD players anyway.

I agree that it’s nice to have the option, but at this stage in the game, unless you’re keeping your burner for at least two years, it’s a non-issue. By then we’ll be upgrading to Blu-Ray anyway.

Yes you’re right.

Well, imho 1640 should be worth successor of 1620, since they’re based on same chipset. Besides it showed on -R format a much better performance then 1620…and if you search a bit into various tread you’ll see what burns 1620 is capable of.

Another main point of 1640 is overspeeding (officially still not supported but it looks like next firmware will add it) feature. You can burn 8x media at 12x and still get excellent results… you could also burn at 16x but it’s not recommended.

Add aslo thet Plextor - King of Quality - chose an OEM Benq for new PX740, and i don’t think i’s just a coincidence

If i should pick up a new drive now i’d be undecided between 1640 and Pioneer 110 [that will be out in 1 month].

Just my 2 cent

My next drive will be the NEC 4550, unless the Liteon 1693 drops to $45. I am just a sucker for Omnipatcher. Hats off to those guys.

When the 1693S drops to 45$, the 1635s will be out!!

I was a LiteOn afficionado myself before the DVD era.
My current DVD writer even is a LiteOn (411S).

However, this thread is about Benq 1640 and Nec 3540.
So LiteOn lovers, please post your affection elsewhere.

Still no reactions from the pro’s. :sad:

Come on Benq and Nec diehards. :bow:
Is the ice still too slippery to give some sound advice? :confused:

Here’s a comparison of mine between the NEC 2510 and the Benq 1640.
It’s not the 3540, but maybe you’re interested though.

In the Plextor DVD Burner threads, Plextor, after it’s debacle with the 712 and 716s (to a majority, anyway) being RMA’d so much, it lost it’s ‘king of quality’ title a while ago. The joke was ‘how many screwups does it take to get a good one?’ The fact Plextor chose BenQ1640 and only rebadges it as a 740 got widespread hissing, as a guy (YSS) took off the top to photograph the inside…and lo and behold, it’s the same thing. :eek: Personally, with the fact that BenQ is either adored or disdained and I usually only see them used for quality burn scanning, I would go with the NEC, as the 3520 seemed to be really great all around, for everything except burn testing.

Chas, when will the NEC 4550 be out? What should the specs, price be like?

I got NEC 3540 10 days ago, and I’m disappointed. It burns Fuji’s & Verbatim’s & Plextor’s YUDEN000T02 - the most easily obtainable TY media here - poorly. Amazingly, there are also people who have perfect results with the same media and 3540 as well as people who get even worse results then me - all with the same firmware versions. Here is a discussion on this phenomenon:
My conclusion is that NEC 3540 has a serious variation in quality or poor factory calibration, if people with the same f/w and same media get so variable results.

P.S.: And btw, NEC has tradionally bad official support. Current situation with 3540 firmwares is a circus! There are 5 (five!!!) different official 1.01 firmwares that people found in their drives, on arrival from the stores.

P.P.S.: I’m gonna return my NEC 3540 to the store and take BenQ 1640 as soon as it appears in Russia.

Inf here:


Alright, so where’s that new firmware you’re talking about? (Note that on their website, BenQ still lists the 1640 as DVD+R DL only.) The newest firmware I know is the BSJB: does this one do DVD-R DL?