Which is more reliable? DVD-R or +R?

I had read that DVD+R are generally more reliable than DVD-R? Is this true? My DVD Recorder is a NEC 2500A. Thanks

Check out this link.


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I know that DVD-R is more competible. I mean in terms of reliabe copying. For example PI/PO errors. Does the it matter if the media is +R or -R or it has nothing to do with it?

Theoretically, +R is supposed to have the superior strategy for writing, at least from what I’ve read, but in practice the quality of the disks seems paramount. I don’t buy cheap disks personally, just too big a hassle in terms of lost time and effort.

Also compatibility with your particular hardware can make a big difference. Make sure your firmware is up-to-date if you are having problems writing to a particular type of disk.

my PS2 only plays -R. and my dvd player doesnt give a damn what u put in it lol. add that to the fact that DVD-R are actually cheaper, i would go for them instead.

if ur going for Ps2 backups, DVD-R is the best.

personally, i would get a dual format burner. burn DVD-R and DVD+RW. DVD+R and DVD-RW are the weakest links imo. DVD+RW can be overwritten instead of erased then written unlike DVD-RW. plus they r faster. DVD-R costs less and works better than DVD+R.

so like i said:

for write once media: DVD-R
for rewritable: DVD+RW

> Check out this link.
> http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/DVD...rmats/Home.aspx
> Hope this helps.

Err no, crappy links don’t help. We already
explained dozen of times why this study (and
this site in general) is not serious, so please
don’t spread misinformation by linking/quoting them.

:smiley: , of course you can visit the webpage introduce from other member. In my opinion, DVD+r is still better. for writing a disc, your writer have to check the 1. speed 2. track 3. address. the address for DVD+r is more easy to find compare with DVD-R and won’t easily affect from noise. { I just make it simple for us easily understand , for detail about the writing stragty, ref the webpage. }.