Which is more accurate?

Have been using Nero DVD Quality scanning with a BenQ1620 for a while now - consistently getting 97% quality scores with Yuden ( Fuji) and TG02.

A few weeks ago I bought a Plextor 716A and have just started to run Sum1 tests

Would it be fair to say that the Plextor has the edge when it comes to accuracy
albeit that it takes a lot longer to do a scan ?

Have just done a Sum 1 scan which gave a max PIF of 2 but total of 1620
would it make sense to reburn ? or is this good enough ?

This is a good result. I have NEVER scanned a disc with a PIF maximum of 1 on my Plextor PX-712A, so a maximum of 2 is the lowest you can expect. My best scans have a total of less than 300 PIF and several have less than 1000, but 1600 is pretty decent too.

There’s absolutely no need to reburn unless something else is wrong with the disc. However, PIE and PIF numbers are not the only relevant parameters of a quality burn - a disc can also be bad due to high jitter or beta values, sudden jumps in beta or other unmeasurable things.

I like to combine at least a PIF (Sum1) scan on the Plextor with a smooth Nero CD-DVD Read Transfer test on my other drive (NEC 3500) when i test my discs. If either of these look bad then i reburn the disc.