Which is made by which manufacturer?

I have a Digital Research drive, CDRW401248.
Clearly labeled I/O Magic, similar part number.
Neither Digital Research nor I/O Magic lists firmware for it.

Knowing that both of these companies are relabeling stuff, where might I get firmware for it? BTW: DRT has ignored my requests for 3 weeks and counting; I/O Magic ignores me.

EDIT: I/O Magic ignored my forum post.

I bought a consumer box labeled Digital Research Technology, DR-CDRW401248.
I opened the box and held a drive which is labeled I/O Magic DR-CDRW48.
I wanted a firmware upgrade, searched Digital Research Technology but did not find anything.
I emailed Digital Research Technology but they ignored my request. Sweet.
I researched Digital Research Technology drivers hoping to find links to firmware, Digital Research Technology website links sent me to I/O Magic site.
I/O Magic listed nothing for firmware, so I emailed I/O Magic.
2 emails later, I get Windows based firmware as an attachment… (vpw.exe).

I do not run Windows, I run Linux, I can’t use the file, but I have OpenDOS on hand, maybe I/O Magic has DOS tools?

I get one more reply from I/O Magic:

The firmware was provided to us, by the mfr., BenQ (Acer).
I’m still waiting for I/O Magic to reply telling me what BenQ model matches up to my I/O Magic drive, but after visiting BenQ http://www.benq.com/drivers/storage_drivers.html I see only one good match.

There you have it, folks.
One model number down 427 more models to go… (!!)

PS: in yesterdays email, I/O Magic attached a file called vpw.exe, today, on BenQs website (the BenQ URL above) lists vrw.exe for internal 4012 drives… in 24 hours, 2 revisions have taken place? Bah!

I’ve got the same drive.

My experience with tech support was great. I used the real time chat function from their support page http://www.dr-tech.com and learned that the drive is the same as a BenQ 4012P.

Mine was originally shipped with firmware V.OW, and I’ve flashed it to V.RW with no issues. BTW - the V.PW version was out for quite a while.

Package came with Nero software.
Works great on most CD-R and CD-RW media (excluding Memorex). Burns consistently at 40X on 32X rated Imations (CMC Magnetics) with no errors.

Subject line based on response from IO Magic tech support which provided me with a link to the 4012P firmware.

No need to be shy, some people just arrived yesterday (me) and they don’t already know the equivalencies which you pros know about.

A central listing is definitely in order here, so post 'em if you got 'em.