Which is lighter on the system

i m using my parents laaptop for school. it has nod32 installed. my school has symantec corporate 10. which one is lighter on the system i.e. which one uses less resources?


nod32 without fail. Norton is Bloatware.

It’s a toss-up between NOD32 and AVG. NOD32, though, catches more stuff. And in the latest versions… it runs lighter than AVG7 Pro. Ouch!

Others might chime in and talk about AVK, which I haven’t tried, or Kaspersky which is NOT as light as NOD32.

that wasnt my question.

nod32 or symantec corp 10?

I really hate to quote myself. Anyone who says different is a fool unto himself and a burden unto others.

I didn’t try Norton 10 corp, I only have 9, btw how did you get the corp, I had to pull a lot of strings via a best friends company.

I also tried NOD32, and to me NOD32 felt like it took more resources, and made the PC slower.

Of course, it is faster than the non-corp norton, but Norton Corp is the fastest I seen.

Really? I haven’t tried Norton Corp since v8, it was MUCH better than standard Norton but nothing to write home about.

We use Norton Coporate v9 Here on a Network of 2500 users and all I can say is its crap. Now I cant compare it to nod32 because I’ve not seen it on a network basis before, but Norton in general is a resource hog and still lets some nasties through unoticed.(we have a great security team though) I wont speak for v10 and I should have thought of that before opening my mouth, but if your talking general personal use leave Standard Norton Alone.

Nod32 is much lighter.

In my experience, NOD32 is the lightest that I’ve found that catches most everything.

Indeed, and I have tested just about everything! :iagree:

As have I. The only thing I haven’t tested that people swear by is AVK. But that’s a small minority - albeit vocal.

Also with norton it can sometimes be hell to get rid of even if you do a manual unstall…
Underlined sometimes because i just know someone is going to post after me and say they never had any problems :bigsmile:
but i agree dont go with norton it is very resorce thirsty…

You are right bro, and I have seen it happen many times on many different computers. I used to use Norton, but then again I used to use AOL too…LOL!!!

IMO, Norton is a bloated resource hog that is extremely overrated! :iagree:

Norton… sigh

Back in the day, Norton was THE program to get, in every category. Norton Commander, Norton Utilities, Norton Desktop, Norton Antivirus… their defragger was tops.

Then Peter Norton stopped actually writing the programs, and they just kept using his name… and it all went downhill. It’s just bloatware now. Norton Utilities won’t even fix your disk errors anymore, it’ll just schedule chkdsk.

NOD is the lightest AV on the market. And up there as the best in terms of detection capabilities.

Kaspersky is the best AV on the market in terms of everything but quite demanding on your system.

Norton and Symentec AV are very resource hungry and for some reason are prone to let some nasty stuff get onto your system without stopping or warning you. They are also rubbish on other serious malware such as Trojans or Dialers. This is from a previous Symentec v8 user who somehow got a international calling dialler on my system which notched up a £380 phone bill in a space of three months. Norton simply wouldnt find it on its scans and it let it start up and run without me knowing it was running. I switched to Mcafee Enterprise 8 (Mcafee’s corperate product). and it found the bugger in three minutes of it being installed and cleaned it and stopped all instances of another dialler trying to get on my system. I now use Kaspersky as Mcafee was letting trojans get on my system and giving some false positives and now i would never go back.

Symentec also has problems with updating definitions (well at least version 8 did). I would never recommend anyone to use this product.