Which is faster?

which is faster, a dual-channel 1GHz(2x512MB) or a 1.5GHz(3x512MB) memeory?

Dual channel I believe and if you have three sticks of ram installed usually the single stick will be in single channel. So it is always best to install 2 Dual channel sticks as opposed to two different type of ram. Could be wrong as things change quickly in the PC world. HTH :slight_smile:

I thought I remember something about nforce 2 chipsets being able to do dual channel with 3 sticks. I dunno what chipset you’ve got, but you might want to look into that. I’d say 1gb in dual channel is faster than 1.5 in single. It really depends though on if you need that much ram. Something that has to work with huge data sets might like the extra 512 mb instead of having to hit the hard drive all the time. Generally, I’d say dual channel is the way to go though, the memory throughput is almost double! It makes a difference in a lot of things. :iagree:

I also have a nForce 2 dual channel M/B with 2x256 ddr333 sticks of ram & i am getting delivered today a stick of 512mb ddr333, should this work ok ? or would it have been better with another 256 stick.