Which is burning limit for a 4.7 DVD?

Hello guys ,
i’d like to know which is burning limit for a 4.7 DVD (if there is a lower limit than nominal one) . Can i burn it up to 4.69 Gb?
Sorry for a such stupid question, but Nero shows me 4500 GB like burning limit, just wondering if it was normal or not.

I just enabled Nero overburning option and set it to 4.6. Then i burned a dvd up to 4.6 and all was fine. Just a case?

I’d appreciated a lot any help. Thanks

Some DVDRW drives support overburning. We don´t know the make of your drive though.

Your limit? You will know when you hit it! :cool:

BTW, this thread can give you more insight. :slight_smile:

I have a PX712A with 1.05 firmware. I’m burning Japanese Fuji TY02 at 8X with Nero

Sorry but why you told “theoretic limit” , pratically which is ?
Do you have any other good advice to give me?


The only way to overburn “more” would be by burning data into Lead-out sector of DVD-R.

Here (at bottom) is a report of Plex 712 been able overburn to 4.82GB on a standard DVD disc.


Edit. I just have to add a calculator for lazzy guys like me. :slight_smile: