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Before I spend any money buying software.Which is a better way to copy dvd’s.I have been using DvdFab then DvdShrink and burning With Dvd Decrypter.But someone told me that Anydvd and DvdClone is better.Can anyone help me decide which I should use? Which way is better? And if I use AnyDvd and Dvd Clone do I still need Dvd Shrink?


That’s all I use…
Leave AnyDvd on in the background…and copy one or all titles with CloneDvd2, or make iso’s …whatever you want…and can copy from one drive then burn, or burn to another drive. All as easy as it can get. Don’t need anything else.

…never had a flop or failed me yet.


Is what you are using, letting you down? Might want to try ImgBurn for burning though, Dvd Decrypter’s burn engine updated by the same author.


I like AnyDVD and Clonedvd2. Been using both for a very long time. No problems yet.

Mr.Bill :iagree:


To ask which is "better or the best "is highly subjective…
To each their own!..We all have our preferences…


the only real answer you can get will be one of opinion and here is mine.

dvdfab decrypt/rip, dvdshrink compress/re-author and dvd decrypter burn.

this is a very good combination of quite possibly the best programs available. dvdfab is constantly updated to handle copy protections, dvd shrink has many options that other programs do not offer and the the transcoding quality is considered to one of the best around. dvd decrypter, even though not updated is still one of the best burning programs[please update to ImgBurn]. and best of all they are all FREE.

AnyDVD and CloneDVD 2.

anydvd is the best program for what it does. anydvd is more than just a decrypter, there are many other features which make anydvd number one. clonedvd 2 does what its supposed to do but is not on my list of the best dvd backup programs. when i purchased i paid over $100 to get them both. looks like today they are $82.92

DVDFab Platinum

this is my favorite program and i use it with ImgBurn for two click dvd backups. once you get DVDFab installed and setup there is no easier or faster way to decrypt/rip/compress/re-author/burn. its all in one program. $49.98

since you are already familiar with DVD Shrink i would suggest you use AnyDVD in the background and use dvd shrink and dvd decrypter. this is not my favorite method but you would only have to install and learn anydvd, which is very simple to use.


OK I like dvdfab platinum for it’s one click option and only use it for my back ups. But I also have anydvd and clonedvd2 as my back up program in case dvdfab fails with a recent release but that never happens. The only way to see which is better for[B] YOU [/B]is to try them. Dvdfab gives you a 30 day free trial for both gold and platinum. You can try gold for 30 days and then try platinum. Anydvd and clonedvd2 both give you a 21 day free trial. The set up you are using right now is good but the only thing you need to change is the program you are using to burn with. Change dvd decryptor to ImgBurn for burning. Please post back with what you have decided to go with as I and I believe some other cdfreak member are curious with what you choose.