Which is better?



or this one
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?categoryid=pcmcat65200050026&id=1051826235642&skuid=5393889&type=product&ref=10&loc=01 just curious can use a $3 off at staples to lower price even more thanks


The HPs I think are CMC MAG which are OK but not the best, and the Fuji MITs are RITEK :Z so avoid these since Ritek quality has gone down considerably. I would wait for Sony 8X MIJ to go on sale since these are TYs. Also if you can find Fujis MIJ which are rare these days, they would also be TYs.


The hp stuff is most likley cmc. 8x stuff is ok (some including myself have good results, others dont). The 16x I’m not so sure about. With the fuji, its either prodisk, ritek or philips. I’m not sure about the prodisk (slower prodisk was not top quality), ritek is crap and I have seen a few complaints about the 16x philips. Personally I would tend towards the hp if I had to pick out of those two, but neither looks like a really great choice. If there is an office max in your area, that might be a much beter choice. Office max brand media is on sale this week too. You want 16x and you want packs that have specific markings. See this thread.
You are specificlly looking for mcc stuff. It is the best 16x media you can get right now. This is where to look for the markings
Here is a good picture of the markings on 8x mcc
The 16x at office max will be similar. Its mirror image though. Markings should be ZD(four numbers)-DVR-T47D or something similar. It will defanatlly be that format of 6 charicters-dvd-four charicters.


Wow great reply’s :iagree: i am learning alot fast,thanks so much for all the help


I boycotted Ritek right off the bat when my first purchase of 50 R03 was utter crap. They’ll never see another DIME of MY MONEY! I agree with scarfaceal. If you want disks that are going to burn well, then stand the test of TIME, get TY. Disks that burn great but are junk after a year or so are NO DEAL in my book either, and people have been bitten by that too. (Again, nost recently, Ritek has been a good example of this.) How whould you like to find out after a year, or even after a few MONTHS, that 10’s or even 100’s of disks you burned are no good? Then you’re spending hours and hours trying to recover bad disks to re-copy them on GOOD media. Doesn’t sound like any sort of bargain to me!

I use unbranded TY media from www.rima.com for ALL my archives, and have most recently been using Verbatim 16X MCC04 for my working copies or disks I give away. Unlike lots of other people, I have NO REGRETS, other than that 50 pack of Ritek R03 which were the first DVD+R’s I ever bought.