Which is better, YUDEN000T02 or MCC 003

Here are the links, which one is better?


I’m looking for a quality burn that will last a lifetime :smiley:

thanks :smiley:

burning with NEC 3540A firmware: 1.W8

The MCC003 are LightScribe and thus carry a premium. That shop has shiny silver MCC003 in a cakebox with a price more comparable to the printable T02s you listed: http://www.blankmedia.ca/proddetail3.asp?id=365

forgot to mention, maximum compatibility with standalone players would be the best (if there is a diff in compatibility issues between different +R media types).

The quality is very high with either media code. Compatibility will probably depend more on the devices you intend to read the discs with, whether or not they can read DVD+R. Booktype set to DVD-ROM should help.

but are mcc better is what hes asking …Quality wise

I would recommend these Maxell Plus Series 8X DVD-Rs (white inkjet hub printable). They’re part of Maxell’s professional product lineup and are 100% made in Japan, and should be quite a bit better than Maxell’s consumer grade media.

Shipping is a killer since NCIX is located in Vancouver, but if you buy a couple spindles it will help offset the cost.

I say it’s a tossup honestly. Both are very good. Just flip a coin and pick one.

Well let me say this.

YUDEN00T002 will give you probably nicer errorgraphs directlty after burning.

However I would vote for MCC.
1 - Better results in accelerated ageing tests
2 - Smaller change of bonding issues. Sometimes TY’s bonding really sucks.

But both are ok.(that is you check your ty’s befor burning !)

MaxellPro is also a nice option. Only problem is I haven’t seen accelerated ageing data for it yet.
But bonding is ok (not the problems as seen with normal Maxell) and disc’s burn nice.