Which Is Better Traxdata Or Ridata Ritek G05 DVD-R?



I am just wondering which is the better DVD-R disk, traxdata G05 8x or Ridata G05 8x. Which would you buy out of the two?

I will be using them on both a NEC 3540 and Phillips 16LSK.



If you can get them for the same price, go for Traxdata. But Ridata should also burn ok.


imho Traxdata


Both are Brand names of Ritek but i would have to say Traxdata.Have only used a couple of the G05’s but i have used loads of Traxdata G04 and G03 discs and i have found them to be extremely good discs.


Traxdata are always A grade media .
Ridata vary .


Hello :slight_smile:

Anyone knowing where to buy online Traxdata medias in Europe?
I checked SVP, Crdwinkle and mmd.lu, none offers this brand. I’d like to try some…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


www.blankshop.co.uk i know shipps to europe
www.digitalpromo.co.uk i know shipps to europe
uk sites that i know of dont know if others shipp to europe


I get both my G04 Traxdata and G04 Traxdata 8cm discs from digitalpromo.Good site, svp at one time sell traxdata meny moons ago, but in my opinion svp have slacked off on the media they sell.