Which is better Taiyo Yuden TYG02 DVD-r or + r

Which is better Taiyo Yuden TYG02 DVD-r or + r for movie backups in the plextor 716a Please respond soon with your opinion so that I may purchase either or. or if there is better media for movie backups let me know price is not an issue

Dvd+r ,The 716A Love +r ,it can bitset +R to DVD-ROM

It depends on the drive, many prefer +r, such as NEC’s and possibly your drive. Others will no doubt comment. I always use +r’s anyway, very rarely -r, andnot for my own collection.

Genuine TY are hard to beat (there may be dud batches but this is very rare indeed) - most people will always suggest TY Dye media over any other - and when they suggest the like’s of Verbatum, maybe that will be Pastels (TY).

Also, it’s best to burn media at or just below it’s rating.

If you look at the posted burns/scans in this thread, I think you will find that both TYG02 (-R) and TY02 (+R) are excellent. The variations between burners and between media batches are probable bigger than any difference between Taiyo Yuden TYG02/TY02 on the Plextor PX-716.

You didn’t ask this, but if you are going to burn multi-session data DVDs then you should definitely go for the DVD+R since DVD-R wastes a lot of space on multi-session discs.

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Agree with DrageMester. Have had great results with both TYT02 +R and TYG02 -R. Also Verbatim MCC 02RG20 DVD-R burn very well in the Plextor at the 8x rated speed. :iagree:

Before, i use many +R. After buy and test Ridisc -R MCC 02RG20, i don`t want nothing else!
POE under 20, and, against many +R, Excellent or Very GOOD results on TA TEST!

Taiyo Yuden? Never put my eyes on them here in Portugal… :sad: :sad: :sad:


Thank You Everyone for your comments :slight_smile: and suggestions more recommendations are welcome. The more info the better for me. I am very picky about my movie backups and want the best quality possible.


Never seen a bad write with TY DVD-R. Used both PX 708A and 716A.

Which firmware are you using in your 708A to burn those TY DVD-R?

a little off topic:
does anyone know of a reputable Taiyo Yuden seller who provides International Shipping?

JPL Displays in Australia sell TY 4x (TYG01) and 8x (TYG02) DVD-R discs and offer international shipping.

The general consensus seems to be that they are the real thing:



I’ve had excellent results with the TYG01 discs in a Pioneer 107.

I’ve recently bought a 716UF and have had good results with the TYG02 discs burnt at 8x. Not so good at 12x …

I replaced it with the 716 a couple months back and cant remember. I think it was 106 or 107. I know it was not anything released since March so that may help.
Sorry I cant be of more help but look at the Plextor home site and look for the one released before March and I think that was it.
Seems like I skipped the last update because mine was working so good I didnt want to mess with it. Jeez, it even might have been 105. Wish I could be of more help.

I just received my used 708 and it has the 106 FW on it from the factory and was made in March 2004 so I’m going to leave it alone. Just waiting for my external case to show up so I can start using my Plextor with my TYG01’s.

I tend to stuck to -R’s for low-speed DVD Video burns and +R for everything else, espescially high-speed burns.

The structure of -Rs means they have trouble synchronising at higher speeds, whereas +R’s don’t have this trouble.
OTOH, my DVD players can read +Rs, esp. without bitset hacking, whereas they all seem to like -Rs…!

you can get TY in Portugal :slight_smile:
you can buy plextor brandred dvd’s at www.microcaos.pt :iagree: but at 2.5€ each :eek:

you can buy plextor brandred dvd’s at www.microcaos.pt but at 2.5€ each

I now the store where i bought my Plextor…but that price…?? :bigsmile:
Dam right, just forget it! lol


try www.alternate.de in Germany. About 1 Euro per disc, but shipping to Portugal may be expensive