Which is better: Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R or 8x?



Which is better, not considering burn speeds since I’ll run tests to find the optimal speed for my burner whatever media I get. I’m just wondering if the 16x has been shown to be capable of better burns thant the 8x.


I’m sure the +r16x is the best “16x” media TY has ( Compared to -R 16x, TYG03 ), but I’m still buying 8x+r as its background is solid and can usually be over burnt very nicely to 12x, while the 16x has done well in early scans, I myself still want more reviews done on it before slapping down more money for it.


Go with the 8x if you arent desperate for fastest burns. Its alot easier to get 97% QS scores with TYG02 than when burning with T003 media.


Depends what burner you have.

Although personally I’ve had the best results with 8x +R (YUDEN000 T02).

My LG4163B so far is the only burner I’ve tried that burns T03 (16x +R) well at rated speed.



8x, because support for 16x TY media is still bad.


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Summary the best media 8x vs 16x depends on your drive as well. I now only use 16x media as it costs me the same. For a lot of folks however 8x will be the better option. If you look around the forums 8x is often used @12x with excellent results. Whereas 16x media is usually dropped to 12x. For most folks 8x media is cheaper than 16x, although I believe that this margin is shrinking.
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So as you say not the media but the f/w support for that media is less developed. Some of my best burns recently have been @18x. Yes that’s right with the Plextor 760. The benQ 1650/1655 is also producing some excellent burns @ 16x. So the correct answer is dependant on the drive & its f/w.
I actually believe 16x media is better, although that might seem a contradiction as TY 8x produces great results @ 12x (a overspeed of 50%). 16x media is better @ 12x(I know a drop in speed of 33.3%). But if cost were to be identical (which it is for me)which would you go for?


besides for a mid code what’s the real difference, I am not so sure there are real
differences in T02 and T03, think the same thing with G01, 02 and 03


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I wouldn’t really like to commit here.
Except certainly with Ritek the differenece between G02 & G05 is quite clearly visible, just looking at the colour on recording side.
I noticed a similar but not as great difference with 8x & 16x MCC discs regardless of whether their Verbatim or Infiniti.


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my theory on the tyg01 and yuden T02 is TY got it about as good as it gets already and just ramped production and changed the mid codes

others are still screwing it up

I never could tell a difference in the data sides of g01,2 &3

speculating on T03’s as I haven’t got any yet(USA)


My small contribute…

Here in Portugal it`s very,very hard to get ANy TY…

Today, i did get luck in find a store, selling TY03…i did buy 100! :bigsmile:

The results, are a litle inconsistent…but it seems to be better burned at 8X, than 12X, with my Plextor 716…

I`m getting a good score of 98% at 8X…

The Benq is not so good burning -R, even so, i only did try [U]one[/U] DVD at 12X…furter test, must be done…

But, from what i been seen here on the forum, from other users, TY02, seems to be a “Winner”…

I dont now if TY03 is new, or the FWs are old…but if a could, i would go to TY02 :flower:

I also have Plextor +R 16X, and again, 12X seems to be better than 16X…
And also the results, are a litle impredictable: from 98% to 95%… :frowning:

For reference, allow me put here a test done on other Fórum, with diferents Machines, against TY03 :cop:


I will follow this tread, waiting for your freak experience! :clap:



I disagree. TYG03s burn better with my BenQ DW1650 than YUDEN000T03s, as can be seen here and here, for example. I haven’t tested many batches yet, but after ~10-15 burns, those scans can be considered typical for the batches I have at least.

TYG03 can be truly excellent.


But better than TY02?

My first burns with TY03 -R…

At 8X…with Plextor.

At 12X…

12X with Benq 1640…( I haven`t install Benqtools, so i presume its at default…)

Some feedback from the users would be apreciated :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree: :smiley:



Hi :slight_smile:
While I get marginally better results than you with my 1650. The tendency is to favour - media. Although not as great as is implied by your scans.
However the difference is almost reversed with the 1655 favouring + media more than the 1650. Making for virtually identical scans for both + & - media.


Mordorr, you should clean the discs. There are some PIF spikes which look like dust particles.
I’ve seen better scans with TYG02 and YUDEN000 T02, but those are not available here. I can only get buy TYG03 and YUDEN000 T03 :frowning:


Results for me have definately been in favour of T02 over T03 by a large margin.
Frankly, the tub of 50 genuine TY printable 16x +R (T03) I bought when they first came out in OZ has been an absolute disaster with many tossed in the bin. :sad:

With 6 burners: 2 x DW1640, 1x DW1650, 1x LG GSA 4163B, 1x NEC 3520A, 1x Pioneer 109. I can’t get a decent burn on any of them with the T03 I have. Either I got the worst batch ever made or T03 just down right sucks in comparision to 8x T02.

Anyway, I just sourced and bought 500 TY T02 discs, which are very scarce in OZ. With them and the excellent Verbatim MCC 004 that are readily available and cheap in comparision, I don’t think I’ll need to be looking at TY 16x +R’s again for a long time. Hopefully by then quality is up and support is much better.


Hi [B]kg_evilboy[/B]

The DVDs came directly from the original package of 100DVDs…

The top is close because of the dust…

Believe-me, im very carefull with cleaning. Even before they enter on the DVD Recorder, i look at them, serching any anomalie/Dust( Freak look :bigsmile: ).

So it seems, TY02 is better…

TY03 burns better at 8X…at least with Plextor 716 :smiley:



[B]Mordorr[/B], would you mind making a clear written distinction between TYG03/TYG02 (-R) and (YUDEN00)T03/(YUDEN00)T02 (+R), instead of writing “TY02” or “TY03”, which makes things a little confusing as these are absolutely [I]not[/I] mediacodes? :wink:


16x is not as good supported. I recommend to burn it slower as 16x on most drives.
8x TY has been overrated by some drive manufacturers alloweing this media to be burned to fast sacrificing quality but support at rated speed is excellent.
So I would suggest ussing 8x TY and burn it at 8x rated.

Other stuff
And the 16x media might have more problems with laminating.