Which is better? Optodisc-OR4 or POMSC001-002?

hi guys… i m planning on buying either Optodisc-OR4 or POMSC001-002. they r about the same price where i live(Optodisc-OR4 being slighty steeper in price).

i am currently using nec3500ag(liggyv2beta6 firmware) and nec2500to2510(herrie 2.18v3-2).

i need your gracious suggestions on which media to purchase in terms of quality, burnin 4x - 8x, etc…etc…

thks guys

Depending on the brand, but when the POMSC001002 is from 3A Media it are good discs! With my latest 25x0 firmware they work great!

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In my experience, and from what I read here and around, they both are VERY beautiful frisbees; as an alternative, you can trash them with no regrets. IMHO some batches from Optodisc can be decent, but this is not a frequent situation.
Sorry, but this is not a joke.

I agree to Herrie. 3A Media discs with MID:POMSC001002 are very good.

hi herrie… i encountered a slightly annoying bug while using your latest firmware 2.18v3-2 when burning POMSC001-002. when i burn at 4x, my 2500a can’t seem to properly exit after burning a full disc - it doesn’t matter which software i use(nero, dvddecrypter, copytodvd). both my 2500a n harddisk LED light remain lit at the end of the burn. so i have to force close the burning software or eject the disc. however the disc is properly burn n verifying turns out ok. this problem does not occur when burning 6x or 8x… weird huh? hence i can’t auto shutdown my pc after burning…

n many thks to everyone for your suggestions!!! :smiley: