Which is better,NEC ND-3500A,Pioneer DVR-108,LiteOn SOHW-1633S,LG GSA-4160B or BenQ D

i need to know which is better out of all of those!
dont tell me this good in terms of that yeda yeda just tell me which is better. :sad:

ive have done my research and read over 15 different reviews and brought the nec nc3500a couple of days ago, i like you had to choose from that selection and nec nd 3500a came out top. Unfortuantely none of those dvd burners can back up safedisk 2.9+ games so it would it better if you have another cd writer.

I have purchased both the Pioneer DVR-107D and DVR-108 and I have to say that I am a happy customer with respect to Pioneer’s continued support even for slightly older drives.
But then again, NECs aren’t as widely available as Pioneers where I live.

I do not have the LG or Lite-On, but this is how I would rate the others:

1: BenQ DW1620 (no serious flaws - but lacks 4x DVD+R DL)
2: NEC ND-3500A (A bit media picky, missing DVD+RRW bitsetting in default firmare, a bit poor reader).
3: Pioneer DVR-A08XL (EXTREMELY media picky, Z-CLV :Z, only 32x CD-R writing, No +R/RW bitsetting)

I have Lite-On 1633s and NEC 3500a. Lite-On and NEC are equally good at burning Memorex &TDK 4X DVD+R and other DVD+R discs. But the Lite-On is so much better than NEC when reading scratched or protected CDs.

I definitely prefer Lite-On 1633s.

i would recommend nd-3500a because it of its advanced firmware upgrade given by herry and ligge. Also the nec gives much better burning quality than the lite-on.

BTW these threads are pointless as you are always bound to get mixed views, so if i were you i would do my research and make a choice by myself.

I have to agree with OC-Freak.
I just got the NEC 3500 and I still much prefer my Benq 1620.

I would say non 4x DL is a big thing …eventually price of this media will fall too…now if you are buying simply for 16x and will upgrade again when DL media prices are lower then I think OC Freak is 100% right

I have the NEC 3500 and think its an exellent drive (had a sony dvd burner before that) wanted to get liteon this time but there have been far to many write problems in my opinion…

Yeah, my LiteOn 812 gets no love nowadays. I tried to give them another chance after my 811 but still couldn’t make it as a starter.

I am done buying Liteon drives for awhile there support for the 811s was not good…it was not a very good drive IMHO…there write quality for dvd burners is not up to the competition


have to agree with you on the BenQ…i luv my BenQ so much more now after the new firmware…

First, welcome to the forum. :iagree:

What are you planning to do with your burner.

The LG can write DVD-RAM, it’s a very good format, but alot of people don’t use it here, so they say you don’t need it.
Also LG is mostly one of the cheapest, although it can write to 3 formats.
LG can’t write at 16x on DVD-R, only 12x.

If you just want a DVD-burner (everyone here has his own opinion with pro’s and cons about each writer) I would say: buy the one that’s the cheapest.