Which is better for my 832s



I have an external 832s that I am currently burning Ricoh jpnR01’s on. Getting great results. No PIF’s above 3 and only a few with PI’s above 20, most are around the 8-15 mark.

I have recently considered getting TY OEM from JPL Displays in Australia, but can’t find dvd+r, so I would have to get dvd-r. We all know Lite On’s prefer +r’s. So, my question is should I stick with the dvd+r Ricoh’s, or try the TY OEM’s? I only pay $35 for my dvd+r Ricoh’s, so unless the dvd-r TY OEM are going to give me better results I’d stick with those.


Ricoh +R.


I agree with code, I tried some TY -R’s and they did not burn so well, but the RICOH’s always burn great and I haven’t had a bad burn on my 812S using this media yet. :iagree:


I’d stay with the Ricohs too. BTW is that $35 for 25 or 50 and where do you get them from?
Remember you’re giving up bitsetting if you switch to -Rs too!


I’m staying with the Ricoh +r’s. Just thought with how much praise TY get I’d ask.

@Revhead - I get the Ricoh +r’s the same place you got them before. Here: http://www.rimedia.com.au/ They are sold as Ritek dvd+r’s. They are now only $35 for 50. Oh, and that place is shutting from Dec 18th to Jan 13th, so if you need any stock up now!


You generally don’t need bitsetting if you use -Rs.


I’m still a bit dubious of those discs.
I have just added an NEC to my arsenal and although it burns them very well (fark, it burns just about anything great), they still get a bit “tailey” towards the end.
I reckon something has changed in the production process because they burn nothing like the R01 that came with my burner?


Some of mine, but not all, go up to maybe 25 MAX at the end for the PI’s, but the PIF’s all stay at or below 3, so I’m happy with them. Not sure how high yours are going at the end.

I wish I had an NEC!!! My Litey burns +'s discs fine, but I’d like to have more options.


I bought an NEC for a friend the other day and before I knew what I was doing I walked out of there with two instead of one.
$117 for the 3500 from MSY in Sydney.
I have only tried one R01 with it so far but the averages were 1.11 and 0.04 with maximums of 14 and 6 (those max’s relate to two spikes just before the end of a 4470mb burn. Up until then it would have been 9 and 2.
Now I rip straight from my 166s to my 3500 and then test in the 832s - it doesn’t get better than this!
I wouldn’t worry though because the burns you were getting from your 832s are outstanding, much better than mine.
I don’t think you would see any improvement?