Which is better for long term storage?



which is better for long term storage?


Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.


I’m a big fan of Japanese Maxell for long term use, so those Maxell High Grade discs look great to me. They should have a hardcoat, and with any luck they’ll have the short serial associated with Maxell’s high end material :bigsmile:


I have some of these so called high grade Maxell Made in Japan and in my opinion they are utter crap - Extremely high PIF totals (over 3000) what worries me is the individual PIF maximums often at 4 - Now this is by all means no indication of bad media BUT I would be scared. What concerns me the most is the visible spots on the dye - I’ve had 3 different spindles of these and same thing - I’ve used some to backup some important data, and noticed after a year a significant rise in errors (PIF maximums up to 7, average 5 evenly spread across the disc and tripling of PIF totals) stored under the best conditions -


If the TDK are Made in Japan, they’re most likely TY.

Both should be good for archival use.

greg42: Bad batch maybe?


I want know the prise of this TDK in Europe. ^^


TDK 4x DVD-R is out of stock virtually everywhere. :slight_smile:
The price for a 4x DVD-R ranged from € 1.00 to € 3.00 depending on where it was sold. :eek:

€ = $
(the “formal” value isn’t, but the purchasing power is the same or even less)


There’s lots of DVD media that show more than 3000 PIF when burned and scanned - 3000 PIF is not an extremely high number. It may be higher than you like, but that’s just your personal standard.

As long as these 3000 PIF are fairly evenly distributed and not clumped together, and the maximum PIF is withing ECMA specs (4 or less per ECC block) then 3000 PIF is absolutely noting to worry about.


May not be anything wrong with a total of 3000 PIF’s but its something i dont like to see especially when a 7GB burn on a DL has less than 1000 PIF’s


I think [B]greg42[/B] was saying that the media started with 3000 PIF, but within 1 year, it now scans at 9000 PIF with peaks & average exceeding ‘[I]ECMA[/I]’ values.

Which is much more worrying than initial values, considering this is the premium grade Hitachi-Maxell media.


Yes, I agree that is rather worrying! :iagree:

I just don’t agree that 3000 PIF is “extremely high”.