Which is better: dvd-r or dvd+r with booktype?

I am a newbie to DVD burning and have read posts on these informative forums. However, I am confused about which is the better way to go for burning DVDs: DVD-R or DVD+R with booktype?

Can someone please enlighten?

Hi happyrm and welcome,

which is better: dvd-r or dvd+r with booktype?

the $64,000 question :wink: , i personaly prefer dvd+r.

i have a liteon 811s & nec 3500 they both burn +r very well with or without booktype bitsetting. i have also read that +r discs are easyer to manufacture and burn at a lower frequency resulting in a better burn.

you can’t use bitsetting with dvd-r’s unfortunately, its to do with the way there manufactured, i can’t remember the details of why (something to do with dvd-r’s have a set bitsetting when manufactured), i’m sure somebody could tell you though.

Both formats are the same basically, there are differences but nothng major so its really just a matter of personal choice, maybe try both and see which one works better for you.

Some burners are going to like one beter than the other. Beyond that there is not really any major advantage to either. Most new players will play both including the cheap ones.

Thanks for your responses. I have a benq 1620 (b7p9). From what I have read so far, it can burn both DVD-R and DVD+R effectively. I just burned my first home DVD using Nero OEM on a Sony DVD-R. My older DVD player only plays DVD-R (panasonic). However, I read elsewhere on these forums that a DVD+R burned with booktype set (so that it is a DVD-ROM or DVD-Video) will play in every DVD player in the world. If that is the case, then it makes sense to burn DVD+R with booktype rather than using DVD-R.

What do you think?

the benq is reported to prefer +r and can bitset +r`s to dvd-rom with standard firmware so it could work best for you like that.

i dont think every standalone dvd player has beed tested yet :slight_smile: but it does seem to be as compatable as -r is if not more so, as there are a lot of dvd players that don`t play -r but will play +r with or without bitsetting.

Thanks, acko. I have some DVD-R discs that I am going to exchange for DVD+R. Appreciate your comments.