Which is better DVD - or DVD +

Well? I use my DVD’s for games, movies, all kind of stuff. Does it make a difference or not?

I think dvd+r is the better format but it might not be quite so compatible as dvd-r…

Depends on what your players like.

Depends on whats on sale. :bigsmile: I use both if its a good brand at a good price its for me. :iagree:

I’m with him. Hehe. :iagree: :iagree: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I’ll stick with the cheap QUALITY MEDIA myself!!!

Mark:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I think i’m right that ps2 will not read +.

I think you might be correct.

I use + for all my ps2 backups burned on either my litey 812S or my benq1620 both with bitsetting never had a problem.

As far as i have seen the majority of media like dvd’s and games (includes ps2) are made on dvd- but it is really depends on what you are doing.
if its information its your choice
but i would recomend dvd- because of its compatability with almost everthing with dvd capabilities
by the way i just checked this on google

Hey All…
kindanew2it has it correct. +R’s should work just fine s long as your using a drive that has bitsetting capabilities.


Sounds good to me (as I have more +R discs). Well, I suppose I need to get Magic Swap 3 or something for the PS2. :slight_smile:

Google missed one thing and that is that +R media with bitsetting set, has the most comaptabilities with other players that I believe you can get.


I find dvd- to be the most compatitable with stand alone players. I just bought some cheap ones and 1 out of 3 were duds. Checked afterwards and some are from taiwan even though bought at same time from same store with same brand. Make sure you check where they were made. CINDI

Unfortunatly you can find different mid codes on disks in the same 25 piece tub. But as long as it says made in Japan you should be safe. As far as - being most compatible, it sounds like you haven’t tried bitsetting +'s


Nope I haven’t, I’ll research this. Most times when I try something new I mess up. Like updating and such. So my new policy is not broke don’t fix. hee hee I keep seeing things about firmware and bitsetting but they don’t fit in this brain yet. CINDI