Which is better: Acer 1832A or Pioneer DVD-115

I have an Acer 1832A writer and a Pioneer DVD-115 and I’m wondering which one I would be better off making images to make back-ups with. I have done a few with CCD4 and have used the DVD, and it tells me that it can’t read something about 96bytes, CD+G is what is says. Also I would like to know what proctions the Acer will copy… I have been told that it can do SD2 but not 2.5. Any help would be greatful. Thanks!

both drives are not very good for making a image…
but i think you should use your cdrw drive to read and write

normally you need to be able to read subchannels etc. but your cdrw can do only a part of this.

yes you will be able to do sd but not the new one…sd2.51…because your cdrw doesn’t support correct EFM encoding

Thanks damiandimitri. Are there any dvd drives that do read all the subchannels? I know that the Lite-On is the better drive to back up mst if not all games, what model would be the better one to get?

I myself have a toshiba that does read subchannels, cd+g etc
The Toshiba dvd drives are adviced by the programmers of clonecd (sd2.51 doesn’t need subchannels)

of course this reading part is important. But more inportant you need drive that can do AWS. This is needed to make a working copy of sd2.51. Aslong you have not a burner that can do this, you have no change to make a working copy

best thing to do would be bying a lite-on burner and use it to read and write. No copy protection will be safe for you.
(lite-on 24 x or higher)

@ GhostBear

don’t bother to read with the burner…(i have one…but now its dead :frowning: )

use your dvd BUT flash it with the patched fw to make it region free (i own acer 1640A rebadged pioneer115) fw rev 1.22 is the one you want. don’t use the other 2 available…they alter the read ability if the drive (you cant fully read all sub data)

this setup will work and get you by.


Thanks sherman1. Where is it that I can get the FW that you are talking about? From Pioneer themselves or is it else where?

this is what you need

if the link is down let me know and i’ll hook you up by email


Sherman1, I have tryed that link a few times and it is down