Which is better, a SHM-165P6S or 1635S?

My old 1635S drive crapped out on me and I’m looking to replace it with the same drive or possibly a 165PS drive. Of those 2 drives which is better? I will be using one of the aftermarket firmwares listed here. Thanx.

I have both and they are both very good.
I find the 1635 burns 8X media much better and 16X just as good and I find the 165P6S to be a better scanner.
Most of the folks around here I belive will tell you to go with the 165P6S, I say you cant go wrong with either so go for the better deal. :slight_smile:

I’d go for the 165P6S because IMO it’s a better burner.

The 1635S might be a better reader, but that also makes it a less useful scanner.

I have both drives, and I use the 165P6S all the time and very rarely the 1635S.

I agree with DrageMester. The SHM-165P6S is a very good (dvd) burner. Unfortunately both are not so good cd burners.